Tuesday 28 January 2014

Finally, Another Ride

Sorry, no pictures from yesterday because I was on my own and it was pretty grey out/too dark for nice photos.

The fog still hasn't really lifted but when I got to the barn to groom Ms Gingersnap, it was immediately apparent that someone needed a job. She was being a little ignorant about standing tied or even just generally standing still or paying attention to anything except where here boyfriend was. Granted, patience is not one of her virtues, but I was still annoyed. To give her her due, she's come along really far from the horse that used to scare people by doing all sorts of crazy acrobatics while somehow never pulling on her tie ring. These days, she's normally only a bit fidgety if I leave her alone for a while and she gets bored. Yesterday, the constant moving around looking for her friend was a little much. Having had a really herd bound horse once before, it's not something I care to repeat or encourage in Ginger :)

So, off we went to the ring. Drama pony was on full show. I think she was pretty much "I can tell my owner is annoyed even though she's trying to hide it! So now I'm pretty sure she is taking me somewhere far far away to beat me and murder me and bury me in an unmarked grave. I'll never see my boyfriend again!!!!"  Which meant she was super spooky and silly and lunging consisted of her trying to run away from me for the first couple of minutes.

Sulking, post ride :)
Then, magically, the pony got her brain back, let out a big sigh and got to work. Dare I dream to hope that she's finally maturing? I hopped on and had a short walk/trot ride. Ginny was still pretty spooky and worried, but she did alright considering the road alongside the ring was very busy and some horses came and went at one point. I'd expect a lot of horses would be worried because of the way the trees and bushes are between the ring and the road - they screen it, but you can still partly see through now and then. So something catches their eye, then they can't actually see it for a bit until the next break in the bushes. For Ginger this of course means there are zombies or something lurking and waiting to pounce :)  All in all, we did alright and I was happy with our little outing. I have our first lesson back set up for next week - how exciting!