Thursday 16 January 2014

Wait, Wait! I've Changed My Mind!

In my previous post I was all "Oh yeah, I'm awesome and I have everything I ever wanted la la la...I especially don't need $100000 for horses!"  Then, an hour later (and for the rest of the day) I got about a million frantic texts re: workplace drama and can I please quickly help with this problem, just this once? These are my ex coworkers at the engineering/tech job. So glad I'm not there! I decided on the spot I never want to work again (ha ha) and more importantly, that I needed more fantasy money to cheer myself up.

I saw the awesomeness that was everyone elses blogs and was like "Yeah, clinics and shows would be fun....ohhh that IS a pretty truck and trailer....sweet tack...etc" But still, I decided to leave my original post up. Then, while perusing the real estate listings this morning, I saw this:

I informed G I was selling our current home and buying this little acreage and barn. I'll stay at home and garden and sell eggs or something, I don't know. Apparently I'm not totally over the whole own-our-own-farm-and-live-happily-ever-after fantasy. So, with my fantasy $100k I am building a cool barn for my fantasy acreage. And buying all the stuff in the other post too! Ha, take that, bad day! But wait. I'm not done yet! Maybe I need to do a post with a $1000000 budget :)

In real life news, the Therapy horses are all as cute as ever, I've picked up even more hours at the barn, and best of all, Ginger continues to come back to a 'real' schedule quite nicely. She's still the crazy pony we all know and love, but I'm pretty sure she is enjoying having a bit more purpose.

Tuesday saw a visit from her new farrier (a teeny tiny non intimidating lady with a Welsh accent - perfect for anxious Welsh Cob mares :) Ginny was pretty concerned about this new person actually touching her but she managed to keep a lid on it and ended up doing quite well. I think this farrier is a keeper - she loved Ginger even with Ginger being her full on drama llama self.

Yesterday saw some more of this:
Walking! Working my way up to taking a non-blurry photo while lunging her at a trot ;)
Then, today I found a pony who has gone from "Geldings are SO gross and icky!" to "I'm in LOVE, my boyfriend loves me, we cannot be parted, I must pee everywhere, la la la all I can think about is boys..." I just gave her an apple and opted not to deal with it. Ginger on a good day is...Ginger. Ginger in heat? I was praying it would somehow never happen lol.

Ginger's hunky boyfriend. He's a Morgan and really cute. He loved her at first sight. So romantic lol.

Took this pic of her on the opposite end of her paddock ignoring him last week about a minute after the one above of him looking longingly over the fence for her. Today she was glued to his side. Remember in the '30 Questions' post where I said if Ginny was a person she's be a super dramatic old school movie star? I stand by that :) 

We've tentatively planned a 'first ride back' for this Saturday. Not that it needs a ton of planning, I'm sure we'll be just fine. I'm just waiting for G to have a day off and so he can come give us both moral support - also it's just fun to share exciting things like this with him  :)

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  1. The great thing about daydreams is you can always change them!