Tuesday 14 January 2014


I saw the latest post on All In asking what you'd do with $100000, which of course got me thinking. While I would LOVE $100000, it's simply not enough to do anything around here real estate wise. Since we already have new-ish vehicles that I'm happy with, and I'm pretty content just boarding, believe it or not I can't think of anything horse related I would spend that sort of money on. It would likely sit in the bank - how boring is that? (G would probably like to take the money and have a racehorse or something, but I'd be too cheap to let him :)

So, I'm going to play along but give myself $10000 to spend instead.

First off, I'd buy a trailer. Nothing fancy, and probably slightly used so I don't cry over the inevitable dents. Maybe a 6k budget for that. I can't believe I haven't bought one yet, to be honest - this last haul to get Ginger home cost $1200 at the end of the day, and we drove right past the farm on my way home from Alberta in a truck we specifically bought to tow a trailer. Sigh. I try not to think about it too much :(
Adventure MX 2H. From Trailswesttrailers.com

That leaves 4k.

I'd buy a dressage saddle. Since I'm super happy with my Stubben saddle on Ginger, I'd likely go with the same saddle in the dressage version, but I'd try others. Again, because I'm cheap and hate being the first to damage new expensive things, I'd go with used or demo and but have it custom fitted for Ginny. Lets go with a $1500 budget for that.
Stubben Juventus D. Stubbennorthamerica.com

We're down to $2500.

I'm going to spend the rest on taking G on a nice vacation. Not strictly horse related, I know...but he does support my horse obsession without question, thinks Ginny is the best, and has fed and mucked out more than a few times without complaint. The man deserves a vacation! I'd take him somewhere sunny and warm. Right now Curacao looks interesting, maybe stay a couple of weeks and do some island hopping and/or sailing. I see they also have horseback riding on the beach ;)

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