Friday 3 January 2014

New Barn

We went for a visit this afternoon to Ginger's new digs and I'm very happy with the barn and the owners. Ginger will have a gorgeous stall with a nice dry run out paddock complete with her own tree, plus for a few hours every day she'll be turned out into a larger (I'm guessing 6-7 acre) pasture that looks really nicely cared for and mowed. There are plenty of additional paddocks and pasture, and even a trail network and a creek to play in right on the property. The owners have a beautiful new house near the creek and the whole place gives the impression of being very well cared for, horse friendly (and safe!). She's only going to be sharing the field with one other horse so she's going to have her work cut out for her eating all that grass! Her friend to be is a chunky little Morgan gelding the same age as her, which is nice because I suspect we are dealing with very similar horses as far as management and pasture turn out goes. Ginger will have a dry lot buddy in the summer lol.

The owners seem like really good people and I met another lady who lives across the road who is interested in getting together for trail rides. I know a few others in the neighbourhood (including someone with a nice all weather ring about a 5 min hack away). There's a great eventing coach that travels to the area pretty often, and the whole area has a laid back, low drama vibe - just what I'm looking for! G and I have been looking for property in the area for quite some time, so boarding there will be a good way to get a really good feel for the place :) I'm feeling really positive about this move.

In related news, I'm heading out for a trail ride this weekend! Yay for getting back in the saddle!

Many, many pictures to follow, I'm sure. Ginger arrives Tues afternoon!!