Tuesday 21 January 2014

Ride #2

In pictures...mostly :)

Come on, lets go do something! I love how she is always happy to see me.
More mane pulling/taming wasn't what she had in mind...but a little bit each day is the easiest way to do it - we're just about there!
Walk and trot each way for 5 minutes or until pony is suitably focused.
Steady your nerves and hop on. White knuckles in photo sadly somewhat accurate. 
Relax and enjoy :)

I was pretty darn nervous for our first 'real' ride back, I won't lie. I always battled a bit of nerves when we got outside our comfort zone in lessons or a show, but this was unreal :( I think it's because I feel like I'm quite out of riding shape and not as secure in the tack as I should be. The good news is time and miles should fix that :) I'm forever grateful that Ginny is a kind soul and would never think to take advantage of me. She really needs a confident, secure rider, but today she was quite forgiving of me and just held her breath with me and relaxed when I did :) We did a few laps at the walk and then a couple of spirals and serpentines each way over some ground poles. Just enough for us to get in tune with our steering and brakes and play a bit with marching forward on the bit. It's really amusing in a way - these first two rides remind me so, so much of a first ride on a baby, except this time I'm older and more nervous and the pony student is a genius and suddenly knows everything after the first reminder :) I'm so, so happy with her today - particularly as she's still in heat and crazy for her pasture mate!



  1. I'm so happy to see these posts! Is she any less...I don't want to say crazy, but you know what I mean...than she was before? It seems from what you've written that she is keeping pretty level-headed.

    1. I'm still thinking that through! In a way, yes, in a way, no...I'm going to write a post to answer your question in the next day or two :)