Friday 10 January 2014

Horse, horses, horses...blah blah blah

There is a small herd of minis that meet me at the gate and swarm me, so here some of them are, welcoming you! They never fail to make me happy.
Our weather has been really nasty the past few days, with storm after storm rolling in from the Pacific. That makes for wet and miserable mornings at the Therapeutic Riding barn and sort of drains my desire to actually do anything after work except go home and have a hot meal and shower. I've turned weak from too many months at a desk job!
Therapy horses enjoying a roll and a nap with a break in the weather this morning. Chestnut with the blaze "Ty" is my potential riding buddy should I find the time.
Of course, I suck it up and visit Ginger every day - her barn is only about a 15 minute drive from the one I work at, and hey, this is GINGER we're talking about. Normal rules don't apply and showers can wait.
The weather is almost a blessing in disguise as it's stopping everyone from riding and giving Ginger some quiet time at the barn, which I think she needs in order to really settle. She's still not eating all of her meals and is drinking her water kind of randomly - she's drinking the right quantities, but she gets busy watching things or exploring for hours on end and I think sort of forgets she needs to eat and drink. Then, she must suddenly realize she's hungry/thirsty and eats a pile of hay and drinks an entire bucket of water. She still won't spend time in the barn unless someone is in there. I'm not super worried because it's only been a couple of days and she's always a big worrier when things change even slightly. This was another big change for her so I expect it will be a week at least before she really feels at home and lets her guard down a bit. I was there about an hour ago and she was racing around the pasture and having a great time splashing through puddles and spooking herself, ie acting like normal :). I didn't have the heart to interrupt her fun - particularly with turn out time being a bit limited due to the weather.

Drinking because I'm there to watch her back.
Weather permitting, we're going to get her out and about for a bit tomorrow. G came with me yesterday to say hi and she ran up to him and posted herself perfectly next to his right side like he was leading her. She continued to shadow him everywhere he went. He asked me if she was remembering that he takes her for walks and was asking to go for one. I was like "She remembers you for sure, but I'm not sure she's asking to go for a walk. She's kind of like a dog but not that much like one!" As we left she followed and he backed her up out of the way so we could close the gate behind ourselves. As soon as the gate closed, she spun around and ran off, bucking and being silly. Despite G's efforts to call her back, she stood at the far end of the paddock with her butt facing us. G is convinced now that she is pissed that he didn't take her for a walk :) I'm not so sure he isn't right.

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