Sunday 26 January 2014

Fog Off! (And Sold Horse Update)

I'm feeling all impatient because we've been fogged in for the better part of 3 days now. Normally it's not a big deal, but since there is no ring at the barn or direct trail access, I'm left riding on the road to get anywhere. It's a busy road and I don't feel like little bay mare and myself would be overly safe or visible in such dense fog. I'm shopping for a reflective quarter sheet right now and ready to push the button to buy a dressage saddle too/ (and a trailer! - ha ha, just kidding, G! But please don't act surprised if a saddle really does arrive in the mail )

I keep reminding myself that it's not a big deal and I need to remember to be grateful to be able to ride outside in the winter at all.  Still, the fog can move along any day now.

I spent part of the afternoon attempting to teach Ginger to come when she's called (ha! good luck, right?). The pasture is huge and I am lazy. I appear to have taught the barn cat to come for nothing more than a pat (she declined my offer of a carrot), but that's been the limit of my success so far. How's that for a super exciting update? ;)
At least she looked up from eating?
Barn kitty is much more obedient.

As for my last post, there seems to be a whole ton of horse person drama with the entire story. Makes me sad and really disappointed, actually. The good news is it sounds like things are going to work out for Sold Horse. Oh, and I'm never selling again. I don't do drama unless it comes in cute Welsh Cob form.

Cute. But crazy :)


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