Monday 20 January 2014

Weekend Happenings

G and I had a super busy weekend somehow. I did manage to visit Ginger both days and we even DID things. Crazy, I know!

On Saturday I was feeling grouchy because it seems like every weekend is filled with social obligations and I just wanted a time out. Plus it was running out of daylight to get to the barn or go for a run. It got to the point where it was either going to be one or the other, so I figured I'd live dangerously and go for a run WITH Ginny. Such a great idea and so happy I brought her, because she's so well behaved on a lead it's no trouble at all to bring her with me. No one even looked at us funny since she just jogs along beside me like a giant dog. We went up the same road as last weekend, except this time it seemed even busier. When we got to the top of the road near the entrance to the trail network, someone on a neighbouring property shot at something and it was LOUD. Seriously! I was more scared than Ginger, whose normal operating routine is to assume the worst so that when something bad or scary ACTUALLY happens she sort of just rolls with it. Thanks to adrenaline, I ran faster than normal and we only made it about 10 minutes or so into the trails before Ginny was huffing and puffing next to me. It would seem I'm fitter than my horse - is that even possible? We walked most of the way home and got back to the barn late and in the dark, but it was so worth it - my day was redeemed and I think Ginny enjoyed herself too.

Sunday, I tacked Ginger up for the first time in 9 months or so. She was convinced she had never worn tack before and was even pretty worried about the fact I was wearing a helmet. I'm sure it was just Ginger drama, but I'll get her checked out if her stress levels continue to stay high.

Seahawks colors saddle pad was a particular problem for her. Perhaps the Broncos are more her team?
 I just took my time until she seemed confident with each step. No big deal, she's probably been thinking she won the horsey lottery and is finished with the whole working thing. After a short session on the ground to remind her that her attention belongs on me and NOT her boyfriend, I pulled out the mounting block and hopped on. That's not as brave as it sounds because I had G leading me to start :) I could feel we were both a little unsteady and unsure of each other, so his being there was reassuring for us both. After a couple of laps, we were both feeling a little more confident and I called it good since pony was tired and sweaty - mentally it was a pretty huge day for us both and her fitness level is pretty abysmal. We'll try to get out for a short walking trail ride in the next day or two and work up to a normal routine gradually. I know horses on lots of pasture supposedly maintain some level of fitness, but Ginny's is terrible and this weekend's adventures tired her right out, poor thing.

Sweaty, sad pony considers herself violated.


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  1. Sounds like you had a great run! How fun to take Ginger along! =)