Monday 6 January 2014

What To Do While You Wait For Your Horse To Arrive

Adding a new post for CobJockey and the rest of the bored, snowed in people :)

We still have green grass around here in BC, but don't be too jealous since I spent from the beginning of October through December in a snowy winter wonderland in Alberta. Also it FROZE this morning. I had to break ice in the water troughs and everything ;) I've paid my dues for the year lol.

I have a ridiculous amount of nervous energy at the moment. I'm so excited for Ginger to arrive!

So, here's what to do while you wait (if you're me, of course)

1. Wake up super, super early, because that totally makes the wait seem less ha ha

2. It's still dark out, but you're so full of excitement you can't sit still and decide to head to work at the barn really early.

3. Get to the barn, go OCD on the whole thing. Also, check texts/emails compulsively with one hand while cleaning stalls with the other. Can sweep one handed too, FYI.

4. Barn and horses now sparkling. Multiple people annoyed by early morning texts re: Ginger's arrival and updated scheduling.

5. Drive home. Check email and home phone messages just in case anything changed in the 10 minutes I was driving.

6. Decide to stay home and not to go for a run or to the gym because what if someone calls re: Ginger and I miss the call? Maybe I shouldn't shower...on second though pretty sure that's horse poo on my neck from talking on the phone and shovelling at the same time. Horse poo on my iphone too. Sweet.

7. Shower - imagine I'm hearing the phone ringing. Check phone/email. Check blogs compulsively - surely there is something distracting?

8. All logic lost. Decide to eat Cheetos and leftover xmas treats for lunch. Because adding sugar to the fire just made sense at the time.

9. Reorganize Ginger's stuff one more time. Contemplate finishing tack trunk - but the sander is really loud and maybe I wouldn't hear the phone....decide to look on the Internet for horse gear - just to be sure Ginger needs nothing.

10. Check emails/phone/blogs......Oh hey, why don't I write something? :)

Cute pony of the day. He's my favorite at the barn

And apparently someone else loves him too! I love his new heart haircut :)


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  1. Haha, a blog!! I am so glad to read it. Ginger's arrival is imminent, then? That little guy is so cute! Is he all Fjord?