Bridget is a 14hh Sec D Welsh Cob mare born in 2009. She's fat, sassy and smart, and generally everything a stereotypical Pony should be. Lucky for me, she has yet to take over the world because she's too lazy to put some of her more questionable pony talents to regular use. Also, she's easily distracted and bribed with food. So, there's that.

I bought Bridget as a just turned 4 year old. She came with a bit of driving experience and a lot of pony 'tude. Originally intended as a fun project and confidence booster, B was actually the most frustrating pony I'd ever owned. I originally mistook her quiet nature for an easy and willing one...which is not always exactly accurate :) Bridget does not do anything Bridget does not want to do, nor does she care what anyone thinks about that. Unfortunately for me, the default list of things Bridget likes to do is tiny, and adding new things to the list requires much patience and persuasion. Of course, you've got to admire such self preservation and confidence, and so Bridget eventually grew on me, taught me many, many lessons about riding and training, and is here to stay. After an abundance of professional help and years of hard work, she's turned into a star and is now my go to pony for every occasion. She's been a safe vaulting pony for kids, a super fun low level eventer for me, and a fantastic trail horse.

 Most of all, she's the best buddy you could ask for - despite her sometimes Eeyore like stubborness and outlook on life, she secretly loves attention and being involved in things. She even likes working sometimes!  Currently, in between exploring the trails, we compete in First level dressage and have eventual goals of schooling Third level.


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