Saturday 1 February 2014

February Goals

Hoping I don't jinx myself by making a plan! Things are moving along pretty smoothly in this neck of the woods, so I think it's time to start making goals. We'll start off pretty low key, though.

1. Get back into regular lessons.
I have Tuesday afternoons booked with a local instructor, plus am on the list for lessons with an excellent clinician. I'm not sure if the clinician will be here in February, but I can hope!

2. Ignore the weather as much as possible.
No making excuses because its cold/raining/whatever. I'm going to try to get to the barn and ride at least every second day, which should be more than reasonable.
"C'mon - the gate is open, it's barely raining, and I only rolled in the mud once!"

3. Get back out on the trails.
 I've been waiting for G to have the time to walk along with us, or other boarders schedules to line up for a ride. It seems like no one else is really into doing much given the weather. Either that or we are incredibly unpopular :) I'm not sure going alone is safe right now given the busy road issue and not super traffic safe pony - maybe lead her along the road and ride the trail part of the loop for a start?

4. Work on getting Ginger more traffic safe.
She's come along really well, but still has issues with bigger trucks and trailers coming too fast/too close. Honestly, I don't blame her, but hopefully more time out there will help.

5. Conquer some nerves (both of us). 
I'm hoping regular lessons and time in the saddle will get us back to a more confident place.

6. Continue working on myself. 
Watch what I eat, get out for a good run, hike or bike at least every other day.

7. Try to evaluate my longer term horsey goals objectively (not something that's going to happen in a month, but I like to reevaluate things now and then.)
 I just had another big lifestyle change, so this is as good a time as any. I need to really sit back and objectively look at things. Ginger is a wonderful girl, but to be honest, she's just as hot, sensitive, and anxious as day 1. Lots and lots of miles and training certainly have helped, but that panic button is always pretty close to the surface. Maybe I'm just feeling discouraged this morning because her buddy went off the property a few days ago and Ginny got herself in such a state over it that she colicked. I don't even know what to do about that - she's had her buddies leave and come back a billion times before. I guess she's (still!)in heat and this one is "special'? I wish I could say I exaggerate the drama on this blog for entertainment, but it's real.
I really want to event. And I really want to have fun. I don't feel I am talented enough to get Ginger out there, and more importantly,  I am not sure I have the level of dedication that would be required to get her there. Also, the logistics of taking a pony who won't eat or drink properly for days due to the stress of being somewhere new are intimidating to me.  But do we really want a second "been-there-done-that" horse and all the associated responsibility and costs? I'm certain we are keeping Ginger (her positives far outweigh any negatives and we have built an excellent partnership), I'm just uncertain what path to take with her or my riding at the moment. Definitely something to think through further after we're back into a regular lesson routine :)

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  1. The great thing about planning is you can always revamp it later