Wednesday 8 January 2014

So Happy!

I woke up this morning and it took a little while to sink in that Ginger is really and truly here :) I managed to show a bit of restraint and wait for a reasonable hour to head up to the barn. The weather is miserable today - not cold but raining hard, with rainfall warnings in place. Yuck.

Ginger's new pasture - off limits today due to the weather
 When I pulled into the barn, Ginger was waiting at the gate to meet me and say hi. She seemed just about as excited to see me as I was her! Sadly for me and my visions of recreating the Black Stallion movie, it became apparent that silly mare was extra excited to see someone because her breakfast was there waiting in her stall and she was too worried to actually go in there. Sigh. She's obviously been in a barn many times before, but I guess this one is new to her and therefore suspicious. We're back to the wild-pony-who-has-never-been-tamed routine, as she was soaking wet and muddy hanging out in her paddock eating random bits of greenery while the other horses were dry and cosy in their stalls eating a proper breakfast. Sad, cute pony obviously controls me because I went and put some of her breakfast closer to the door so she could eat.

It looks like she is stepping in, but really she's backing out. Silly girl.
About as far as she'll go on her own right now. I groomed her in her stall and she was quite content, but once I left she got all worried again. Food is a huge motivator for her so she'll probably be just fine tomorrow.
I gave her a good grooming, which she liked. She needs a good bath more than anything but with the weather and her already being suspicious of the barn I just called it good. I'll give her a day or two more to settle in to the barn and the routine before we get back to any sort of training/exercise. Besides, I had a big job today moving her mountain of belongings into the tack room :)

Long mane! What 8 months without pulling it gives you. Undecided whether it has possibilities or whether I will pull it again. Pulling = work, leaving it, not so much. But I do prefer the pulled look.
She does have a huge overhang outside her stall to hang out under if she wants, so I'm not overly worried that she didn't immediately love the barn.



  1. She looks amazing and the new digs look great! This might be my second comment, I may have lost one where I commented on how she looks like she's hit the growing "out" stage of the Cob growth pattern. Or maybe that is hair. :)

    1. Yes! I'm particularly noticing her chest is now super broad! I might see if I can find some front views from last year and do a side by side comparison. I truly don't remember her being this sturdy - she always seemed quite refined compared to the other cobs I met. Not any more!