Sovanna IPH (Sophie) is the newest addition, a coming three year old German Riding Pony mare purchased March 2018. My hope is that she will eventually step into Bridget's giant hooves as my dressage and eventing pony and help me achieve my goals of moving up the levels.

Sophie is currently embodying all the best things about baby horses: Inquisitive, bold, friendly, super quick to learn, and just generally a lot of fun.

At almost 3, she's 14hh. Her siblings have all finished closer to the 14.3hh range, and she does appear quite immature for her age still. I'd prefer she goes oversize, but we'll see what the future holds! I bought a baby pony as a dressage prospect from the US sight unseen, via videos and a vet's opinion so obviously I don't mind surprises too much :)

 The tentative plan is to lightly start her in fall 2019, then get her going properly the following summer as a 4 year old. We'll let her decide that, though - as much as I'm itching to ride her there really is no rush and we'll wait until she's ready.

For now, her main job is to hang out in the field and grow up, with only the odd little adventure into the outside world to get her used to future grown up horse responsibilities.

Her current unofficial job is to put a smile on my face - she's the most people oriented horse I've ever met and is unfailingly cheerful and excited to learn all the new things and to make her people happy. Zero regrets about purchasing her. Even if she doesn't work out as a dressage pony, we don't currently have a dog and I'm sure she'd be quite happy to fill that position :)

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