Monday 1 October 2018

Not As Good

You knew eventually it had to happen! A not so great lesson on the lovely Audrey...

I could rationalize it a million different ways - she just ran XC yesterday (in line with my book review last week re: the horse with basic training - yes, she's competing PSG dressage, but she also jumps regularly and events a couple of times a year too). I've missed two weeks worth of lessons, which also doesn't help, when you're me.

I was really feeling this as my morning inspiration.

But honestly? I think we were just sort of due. I didn't bring my A game, which I find frustrating given how much I look forward to these rides and how much I can potentially learn. Mentally, it was a very long day and my mindset wasnt the most focused or positive it's ever been. I hate knowing what I want to do, and yet being unable to put the pieces together. My body and mind just didn't want to cooperate as well as they might have. Ah well.

Audrey had a little of her own thing going on, I think just kind of frustrated with my ineptness and also the fact she was missing dinner time, lol.

Sophie has similar opinions of me at times. Here she's mad I didnt scratch her butt just right, so she had to do it herself while giving me a mare glare side eye , lol

Low spots included my inability to keep her in a counter canter without some serious crab imitations, plus some very impressive kicking at my leg, one of which only narrowly missed the arena mirrors, but of course hit the wall hard enough to scare everyone, including herself :o Because if everyone didn't know it wasn't going great before, they sure knew now.

I was perusing Facebook yesterday and was like "I know those adorable ears!" Hi Ginger! 

On the plus side: I wasn't at all intimidated. I learned a lot. The bad things were mostly just moments in time that we worked through. We got some fantastic canter transitions between medium and collected, and I really feel like I'm sitting and influencing her canter a million times better than at the beginning of the summer. Trot work ended on a fantastic note, with some very fancy feeling movement!

And, a little something to look forward to - my coach is away for a few weeks, and I get to exercise Ms Audrey. Free rides to practice on one of my favorite horses are a gift I plan to enjoy fully!


  1. Bad rides happen. It’s good that it was in a lesson to help work her through

    1. And luckily we didn't make contact my coach with the kicking out, so I will continue to have help moving forward, lol

  2. exciting to get some solo schooling rides with Ms A! and yea, as much as i kinda hate bad rides, they are so often the ones i learn the most from...

    1. Yep. I was improving so much, then I rode only Bridget for two weeks. They are such opposites. Audrey tolerates ZERO nagging, where Bridget almost baits you into it. Goals: to ride the horse I'm on and not carry that baggage from horse to horse.

  3. Horses like to keep us humble, haha. Sometimes they just gotta give us those not so good rides.

  4. I always find myself a contortionist when attempting something hard the first couple times. Those bad rides always show us that we are stretching our abilities and that one day this too will be easy.