Thursday 11 October 2018

Year End Quarterly Goals

Because I need a kick in the pants...


-Work to get her fitness back up.
-Work hard on strengthening her hind end. Lots of lateral work and transitions.
-Be consistent about carrying what I learn on Audrey over to Bridget.
-Dig out our lights and high vis gear - long winter nights are coming.
-Basically, while I really have no further expectations for Bridget competition wise, that's no excuse to not continue to make Bridget the best Bridget she can be :) Also, it's good for her health and fitness to be in proper work.
-Quantitative goal: Ride 4x a week.


-Gets to grow up for the winter, and will remain at the new farm until at least the spring.
-but, I'd still like to get her out at least once a week so that she remains level headed about change and new experiences.


-Master lead changes properly on her. Would love to try tempis by Christmas, but we'll see!
-Budget for at least one lesson a week. Work off what I can. Ride any other horses in the barn that are offered. It's all good experience!
-Be diligent about keeping lesson notes and following EC's advice and homework.
-Practice what I can on Bridget.


-Take advantage of the "slow" season by re-reading books and watching video. It's silly to waste time/money in lessons rehashing concepts I could have a head start on understanding by studying on my own time.
-Use up all my gym fitness passes by year end.
-Choose and complete another online 30 day yoga or fitness challenge.
-Continue to work on being more accepting of surprises and changes in plan.
-Be very budget conscious. I have a big wish list, including a trailer, plus Sophie will need her own tack before I know it!



  1. Such a good point about using books and videos, I dont think enough people take advantage of all the great videos online.

  2. Love this! I think I need to figure out my definite goals. They are kind of vague I guess.

    I love the drawing looking photo!

  3. Can you tell me what an online fitness challenge is? I mean, how one would go about it?