Sunday 21 October 2018

Inconclusive, But Trending Upwards

I'm undecided if I made the right decision today. As per the vet's orders, I was supposed to give Bridget a light workout Sunday to see how she felt. You'll recall I'm also questioning saddle fit. So, I popped on bareback to give Bridget her ride.

 I think that was a great decision as far as eliminating potential issues due to the saddle. On the other hand, I don't push her all that hard when I'm riding bareback, so it might not be the best way to evaluate minor lameness issues!

I'd have an easier time rebalancing this with a saddle.

Short ride recap: She felt frustratingly "OK". No mind blowing change back to her best self, but better. She felt quite energetic and enthusiastic, which was great, but she's had a few days off so I don't know if we can say it's because she's not sore anywhere. She felt less stiff to the right, and she picked up her canter lead, although I had to work to keep her from popping that shoulder and twisting to switch the lead. So...I feel improvement. Maybe I just celebrate that, don't overthink it, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. She gets her last day of Bute tomorrow, and then a couple more days off. Fingers crossed a little more time off proves to be the answer!

She's so fun

Since the day was beautiful, we also went for a drive out to Sophie's new farm. We've got a crazy surplus of apples right now, so both girls are being spoiled each time I visit them.
You have apples?

My decision to give S an apple in the pasture was probably not the wisest thing I've done of the other horses came at me and her very aggressively from quite a ways away. I had my back turned to him, and I'm grateful G was watching and let me know trouble was incoming. Very rude, but also a friendly reminder to be aware of the herd, not just my own horse.

Pondering the view

S seems solidly middle of the pack...she wants desperately to be everyone's best friend, but the mares that seem to be a little below her in rank kind of ignore her and act like they'd rather be left alone. The middle gelding is the one who's still sorting things out with her, and the lovely Morgan of the barn owner is the undisputed and very kind leader of everyone.

You can see the big scrape on her side

S got a quick grooming and check over. No walk because her frog that got damaged still looks a bit pink and sore, but it's healing very quickly! Her mouth seems fine after having her wolf teeth out, and the scabs are starting to come off her big scrape on her side. I'm very optimistic there will be no scars. The barn owner feels terrible, but I'm not sure there's much anyone could have done differently - she spent a few days meeting everyone over the fence, then they introduced everyone one by one. It wasn't until halfway through day 2 of group turnout she came in all beat up. Poor S has had a rough couple of weeks, but she seems to be on the mend and fitting in quite well!
Spot the pony. Bridget is enjoying the dry weather and extra pasture time.



  1. It’s hard to know with B but hopefully the trend will continue

  2. Fingers crossed about B!

    Taking treats into a field with rude horses is the worst kind of experience! What a witchy horse to come at you like that.

    1. It was so weird. Like, did he really think running me over and attacking Sophie was his best option for getting me to share treats? lol

  3. that is the bad thing about turning into an established herd. There are good things too but i always worry. Hopefully they accept her and this is it for the scabs. I will say Remus used to get a bunch back at an old boarding barn he was at and all his healed fine. I am sure she will be okay. Poor Tate now has them all over his back from Remus using him as a chewie toy. UGH

    Glad B felt okay hope she figures it all out. :)

    1. I think I've been spoiled because Bridget always keeps to herself and didn't end up with many bites or kicks. I've never seen one beat up quite so badly as S, but then again it is a huge field and surely she could have stayed out of harms way if she was really being hurt.

  4. I hope the uptrend continues. I miss having a good bareback horse! With Cupid I just stick to a walk, he is not very comfortable.
    I think the bite wound should heal without trace. As hard as it is for us to see them like that, it is very useful for her to grow up with the natural herd dynamics.

    1. She's been out in a herd her entire life, so she should be a little wiser about such things, lol. Fingers crossed she learned her lesson this time.

  5. Having a horse come at your from behind sounds pretty scary. I hope B continues to improve.

  6. Crossing fingers for continued improvement!

  7. Fingers are crossed ever so tightly for B <3