Friday 19 October 2018

Good Pony

"Wild" pony. Going to be so hard to catch! This pasture situation will never work out.

"C'mon Sophie!"
Well, that was easy.

OK, I've got to let those catty comments go. Shes a good girl, especially for a youngster, and perhaps not everyone expects that. I'm sure they'll come around when they get to know her better.
Patiently waiting for her farrier appointment. At the barn, all by herself.

Sophie was excellent for her new farrier today. We were all much impressed with her manners. I'd love to take credit, but I think she's just maturing. She's also got tons of room to run and burn off all the silliness and in general I think she's pretty happy at the new barn. Despite the initial rough start, I think the move was a great decision.

Even her stall she comes into at night  is always open to about a 1 acre grassy paddock. Her tracks indicate she's not opposed to a midnight gallop now and then ;)

Somehow, most of the frog on her front right got torn off last night. Its less dramatic than it sounds, because she was shedding it out, so part of it was leaving regardless. It's just unfortunate it got caught on something and tore away some of the healthy tissue before the farrier could trim the dead stuff off nicely. So, she's going to be a little footsore until it grows back a little.

Luckily, the ground isnt very hard and it's all grass fields so hopefully she shouldn't be too ouchy.

Poor pony has had a rough couple of weeks, getting beat up by her pasturemate and requiring much hosing, poking and treating for that. Then getting her wolf teeth pulled Wednesday, then today getting part of her sore foot trimmed up. You'd think by now she'd be hiding when she sees me coming with her halter, but she seems just as happy to see me and as enthusiastic as ever. I'm falling more in love with this little mare and her great attitude every day.

Begging for nose scratches



  1. I still don’t understand why people would make negative comments about the most perfect of golden ponies?

  2. She’s so adorable! I’m still not even sure why her behavior would even effect that other woman but who knows. I know we’re both dealing with some of this right now from fellow boarders ;)

    1. I don't think her behaviour has any impact on anyone, it feels a bit like the person us trying to be "dominant" mare in the barn, lol

  3. what a good banana pony :) Glad she is settling in, looks like a lovely place! people are idiots ignore them :)

    1. Banana pony is being surprisingly good of late! Ponypocalypse must be imminent!

  4. I looove her temperament! Griffin is the same way and it makes everything so much fun.