Monday 29 October 2018

Weekend Photos

Another quiet week over here. I'm still being conservative with B, so I've just been walking her under saddle on the flat ground around the neighbourhood. I added in a short longe session on Saturday, and she was kind of wild! Obviously, as far as B is concerned she's feeling just fine, thank you. I'm feeling a little more optimistic she just strained something a couple of weeks ago and that some anti-inflammatories and r&r was all that was needed.

Benefits of a bay pony. She's absolutely filthy and yet from 5 feet away it's barely noticable.

Sophie, however...hmm, at least she's not a grey? :)

Bridget and I saw a ghost on Saturday! :o

Thursday and Friday was t-shirt weather and beautiful for some walking neighbourhood hacks.
Visited this little menace too in the sunshine. She knows who her people are and comes running when she sees me. Such a sweet baby pony <3 I'm so excited to see what the future holds with her.
In related news, I have a whole bunch of pictures that look like this, because personal space is still a work in progress. Also, she's apparently inherited her winter coat from the Welsh part of her breeding - she's fuzzier than Bridget, which is quite an accomplishment!
Bridget, after burning off all the sillies. She's so funny, because I walked her down to the arena on a loose rein, without a peep from her. Attach a longe line, tho, and apparently she's feeling fantastic.


  1. I love bay horses for their dirt hiding abilities lol

  2. Bay horses have great dirt hiding abilities! Chestnuts, however, do not. Lol. So happy Bridget seems to be feeling better!

  3. oh man, that is one dirty banana pony!!!! haha

  4. Oohhh man, that winter coat of Sophie's DOES sound like an accomplishment. And with her penchant for being dirty it looks like you're going to have a fun few months grooming it. Silly pony!

  5. ROTFL at the "at least she's not a grey" comment. With the gorgeous filthy grey in the background!!! You at least can observe my pain, if you cannot feel it.

    1. I think of you every time I see that grey Arabian mare! She's quite shy and getting elderly (30-ish). She didn't have the easiest life, but she's landed in a great home now. You can still see she must have been quite something in her day. It makes me so happy to see her now, living out her final years in a big field with friends and with the best of care :)