Thursday, 18 October 2018

Vet Day

Living in this isolated part of the world, we're lucky we have a pretty wonderful vet willing to visit us every month. It's actually been a few years since I've used him, or even been present for a vet visit since I've been living elsewhere with the horses a lot of the time and spoiled with a barn manager coordinating things while I work. I've missed being more hands on, both because I like being there to hear things first hand, but also because I kind of geek out. I was one of those kids who was 100% sure they wanted to be a vet for many, many years. As an adult, I'm happy with my life choices, but I still think vets have a pretty cool job and am always happy to assist on calls.

Both Sophie and Bridget needed their fall shots and teeth done, plus a lameness exam for Bridget. I volunteered to hold a couple of other adorable equines at B's barn too, because why not? :)

This pony is having some digestive upsets, which led vet to jokingly start referring to him as "that sh!tty pony" when it became known I don't actually think he has a name yet. Vet's suggestion is pretty apt even when he's feeling good - he's a bit of a character. He's so cute though - barnmate and I decided Gus might be more appropriate :)

Sophie lives the farthest away, so she was up first, and right off the bat the vet was a little unhappy with her feet. The issue is fairly minor, she toes out a little on the left front and since she's still growing he'd like to see her trimmed a little differently to address that. Its not at all our current farriers fault - she's another person who travels to us and there's only do much she can do every eight weeks! This weekend I'm trying a new farrier who just moved here, so fingers crossed it's a good fit. I'm hopeful having someone local will solve our current issues. With the initial check up out of the way, S got some happy drugs. Then some more. And even more. For a little pony, she's not a cheap drunk. She was very well behaved throughout, just not getting as sleepy as he wanted.

Party on, Sophie

She's still mostly got baby teeth, so the focus of the visit was getting those wolf teeth pulled. There were two, and although they were fairly shallow, they were big! It was a bit gory. I saved the teeth, of course.  I'm glad we got it done, it will be nice to start introducing a bridle to her and some long lining. He agreed with my tentative time frame for starting her, he's of the opinion she's going to be slower to mature.

Cute mare, no grain for you for a week until your mouth heals. Poor baby.

Bridget got off lucky and didn't need her teeth done this time - they still look good from last year and we'll recheck in spring. She had her fall shots and a lameness exam, and of course trotted out loose and sound for that. He did some flexions and she was very minority reactive on her left hind. B is the most stoic of all the ponies, so he based his findings on my input of how she's been under saddle, plus the fact she was inhaling/grunting ever so slightly as she weighted that leg on tight circles and as he flexed it during the exam. Further investigation has him optimistic she sprained/strained something in her hock, so she gets a few days off and some bute to start. I can try some light riding over the weekend if she feels good. If she remains sore, or goes back to being sore when she goes off bute or when I up the workload again, then he'll come back to xray and we'll come up with a further plan. Otherwise, he thought B looked "fantastic" which is always nice to hear.

Later in the day, I got a panicked call from the barn owner. B appeared to be colicking. Since that NEVER happens, I rushed up there in a bit of a panic. She was breathing rapidly and seemed pretty dull, but otherwise seemed OK, so I was relieved, but still nervous. I walked her a little and of course she perked up quickly and said some fresh grass might make her feel better - ponies!!! I think she had a bit of a reaction to the vaccinations she received. Her behavior was very similar to the only other time I've seen that years ago at a barn I managed. I stuck around to keep an eye on her, and by dinner time I was pretty confident she was feeling enough usual self for me to head home.

B eagerly waiting for her bute this morning ;)

Thus ends the story of how I spent $730 in one morning, and missed the remainder of my work day walking and monitoring a sad pony. I'm doubly grateful B didn't need her teeth done, and of course was super relieved when I rolled into the barn this morning to give her her bute and she was very bright and happy.  (Sidenote: she happily just eats the bute out of her bucket. No need to add anything or disguise it, lol. The only other medications she's ever been on were clanbuterol and thyroxine a few years ago, and both of those were apparently edible too. What won't she eat?)

Crossing fingers hard  her hock is just a minor strain and she doesn't need a follow up x-ray visit.


  1. i'm pretty sure that if the world suddenly ran out of oxygen, i'd still be able to survive on the power of pictures of pony snoots alone. that little sh!tter tho, omg

    1. Another one arrived this morning. With a mini mule buddy too! Cuteness overload. More pony snoot pictures are coming :)

  2. I’m glad that B seems to be ok. And Sophie is a cute drunk!

    1. She's always so cute..the vet tech was all over my drunk pony, lol

  3. Remus also is the biggest sissy with I get it. He always is mopey the next day or even sooner and often has lumps. WUSS. I am glad B is okay. And yeah i spent 600 for two dogs the other day without even trying (HW checks, six month HW checks for each, some meds etc and bye bye money) UGH.

    Glad Sophie got her wolf teeth done. She is filling out so cute. Can't wait to see her next spring! and i cant beleive B eats bute as it is. That shit even smells bitter :) HA

    1. B is a huge fan of pizza, Fir tree branches, french fries, hot chocolate, pumpkins, potatoes, limes, oranges...basically anything normal horses wont eat, lol

  4. Hooray!! Glad B is *mostly* OK :)

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