Sunday 7 October 2018

More Products I Like

Pony moving went just fine yesterday, but the monsoons have returned for today. Seems like a good morning to hide inside and write a blog!

Amazon was busy delivering to my house this summer! I really am not a huge spender on tack and am not a fashionista, but seasonal clearances usually see me stocking up on necessities and replacement items and making the odd splurge (somehow my splurge is ALWAYS saddle pads, why?)

Yay, Amazon delivery! Let's look inside.
Oh wait, never mind. Kitty customs is holding this box, yet again. 

Here's a few of the things I bought this summer that I'm really happy with:

Tub trugs: I love these for in the trailer or at shows as water or muck buckets. They're priced reasonably, flexible and safe for horses, and tough. Lately, I've been using a smaller one for Sophie's dinner grain, and it's a winner since she's a slow eater and I can just leave it with her overnight, no having to wait around until she's done.
Plus they come in fun colors. The coordinating bucket and blanket were unintended, but I appreciate that it looks like I had a plan.

Mountain Horse Opus Tall Boots: 3 months in with near daily use and they have yet to give me any blisters and clean up like new! Plus, they're pretty.
I ordered the brown, and if a little extra money found it's way to me, I'd strongly consider ordering the black for showing. 

Magic Bands: Last show season, I ordered standard rubber bands. The tack store was out and subbed in Harry's Horse Magic Braids. They're a game changer for me! So tough that they're reusable more often than not, they don't tangle and pull out hair, and they don't break. My tiny hands appreciate that they're a little wider than the norm, too, so IMO easier to grip. I use them all winter for B's tail and one elastic typically lasts 2 or 3 weeks, even with combing her tail out once a week! They are only slightly more expensive than the cheap rubber bands. I think I paid $5 for a bag of 500 last time.

Someone (*cough*Bridget) raided my brushes in search of treats and grabbed the container of elastics, took it into her paddock and spread the elastics everywhere. I ordered this brand last month as a replacement- they work equally well.

BR Passion saddle pad: It's pretty and shiny. Oh, and it fits nice and is wearing well. It's just an averagely nice saddle pad, to be honest, but it looks like one of those super expensive "luxury" pads. And for $35 on clearance ;) Plus navy. Navy or black seem to be my go to saddle pad colors because they pretty much match anything close enough to make it look like I had some sort of plan when I got dressed in the morning.

 I'm a fan of the BR brand in general. I have another saddle pad and a really nice waterproof quarter sheet, both found at very good prices.

Magic Brush: I use this thing on everything. The cat has one and loves it, I have a spare for getting hair off my clothes, saddle pads, blankets before washing, and one for the horses that's pretty much my go to year round. It works on their entire bodies including mane and tail and is gentle, but still manages to get dirt and loose hair off. Both my horses love it. My only complaint is that it works almost too well and I feel like I spend a lot of time cleaning it out because it gets clogged with dirt and hair pretty quickly.
I don't actually have these, I have some knock off ones from the local tack store. I think they're $2-3 each there.

Ventolin Green Spot: This came in a basket Bridget won at a show, and I finally tried it out on Sophie the other day. Works super well, a little goes a long way, don't need to rinse it out. Bonus: it doesn't turn them blue or purple :) It doesn't smell as pretty as the Cowboy Magic stuff, but it works just as well and I think the bottle will last a lot longer given how thick the liquid is and how little you need to use. I'd buy it again.

Random on sale leather halter. I finally subbed one in as Bridget's daily halter (unlike another pony we know, she can be trusted to not pull back and break them). There's truly nothing at all special about the halter, but seeing B in it makes me smile...there's nothing wrong with her nylon halter but the leather one, to me at least, makes it look like someone thinks she's special. And, they do. So it makes me happy. Next up, nameplates  :)


  1. Ordering stuff is always fun, and it's even funner when you get to open all the boxes of stuff!! Are the Opus boots comparable in price to the Sovereigns? I want a pair of brown MH boots so bad!

    1. I think they're almost exactly the same price, maybe slightly cheaper. They come in a wider range of sizes, though, so be sure to check size charts as I think they come in wider and slimmer options than the sovereigns. Quality wise - the finish and feel is similar to the sovereigns I tried.

  2. That saddle pad is very pretty!

    1. I have to admit it's fancier/shinier than my normal taste but I think it looks very smart on B!

  3. i've heard great things about those tubs!!

    1. As far as I've seen, they're indestructible! They're also a lot less cumbersome to move, store, and carry things in at shows.

  4. A lot of people really love the Mountain Horse boots