Saturday, 13 October 2018

Beat Up

Poor Sophie's integration into the new herd appeared to go well, but when she came in on day 2 she had a lovely hematoma on her chest from being kicked and some nice deep scrapes all down one side of her. I won't lie, part of me got a little protective and frustrated, but the bigger part of me knows she is an absolute pest who I'm sure needed some boundaries installed by the other horses.

She's still super cute though! The damp spots are all lotions and potions the barn owner has been putting on her. Spoiled pony!

I took Bridget out Thursday night for or usual ride and she felt a little off behind again. I had G video and it's noticable there too. She's not stepping compketely through with either hind, moreso on the right. Its not super noticable, but I know what she normally moves like, and it's there. So, that makes me very unhappy and worried.

Sophie and a herdmate yesterday - notice S is now keeping a respectful distance.

Part two of that equation is that watching the video, I was unhappy with how I look riding her. It's been awhile since I've had video. Its not obvious in still pictures but in video I can see how my weight influences her balance a little now and then.  In truth I'm over my normal (not thin on the best of days) weight these days, and as I always feel like I'm borderline appropriate size wise on her, an extra 15 pounds over my norm is too much. So of course, I'm thinking she's off because I'm squishing her. Logically, I know thats probably untrue, but logically I also know the less I weigh and the better I ride, the easier it is on the horses. I've been struggling mentally and let a lot of the regular routine of exercise/eating/generally being kind to myself things slide off and on these past few months. It's unfair to those around me (and my horses) to persist with that though, regardless of my mindset.

Crappy video still from yesterday.

So, let's add some weight loss goals to those fitness ones, shall we? Enough is enough...I'm tired of beating myself up over this but not being proactive enough to fix it.
Far away is more flattering, lol

And, obviously the vet is coming (on Wednesday) to take a look at Ms Bridget. I may take her out on the lunge later this weekend just to see if she's happier without a saddle/weight.
My wonderful husband is all " If you're worried why don't you just get a bigger horse to ride? Then we can still go out for dinners and watch too much Netflix" Thanks for the support, honey :D

What a recap, lol. Basically I think all of us here are feeling a little beat up right now. But, it's a beautiful sunny fall weekend, and we've got a plan, so it's not all bad :)



  1. Oh dear. Poor Sophie but this will probably keep her from being insufferable. I hope it’s nothing serious with B.

    1. I'm sure she definitely needed to be put in her place. I do wish horses were slightly less violent about such things, though :)

  2. Hope Sophie acclimates soon! And I am sure Bridget just is off for a different reason than your weight you look lovely on her! LOL on hubby's response Mark would be the same LOL!

    1. Because just buying another horse is the obvious, sensible solution, lol. We had a good laugh over my pretend "sadly outgrew my pony" advertisement ;)

  3. Poor banana pony! As an aside I've had some success with just weighing and logging my food. Yeah it's depressing when you dole out the mac and cheese but it's amazing how much broccoli you can eat lol

    1. That's actually exactly what worked best for me in the past. Just set myself a calorie limit and if I was legit 'starving' I either had to indulge and exercise it away or eat a pound of broccoli ;)