Thursday 2 May 2019

Small Wins - April

Here we are again, celebrating the little things in life! If you're new here, the rules are simple. I am super good at focusing on all the things I want to do/didn't do/could do better, so in this post I celebrate all the positives from the past month, no matter how small.

This month I:

- Audited a clinic and garnered a ton of ideas for Sophie. Signed Sophie up for the summer session with that clinician, date TBD. Also signed Sophie up for a clinic with an old friend on May 4th. My intentions were good, but sadly it was cancelled. Never mind, we'll keep the trailering plans and do our on thing!

- FINALLY bought a proper camera. Fingers crossed, you'll see more (and better) pictures here moving forward. I'm so grateful for all the input on the camera purchase. I ended up with a Nikon D3500 and am having so much fun with it.

So many Bridget pictures....

- In related news, I've been taking a web and map design course through work and have some fun ideas for this blog. (As ever, the actual content is just going to be me rambling on about life with my horses, but I can at least try to make it visually appealing for you all?)

- Went to a bandaging tutorial. I'm still thinking I prefer boots for our wet and muddy climate, so you won't be seeing any matchy matchy polos over here. However, on the more practical side of things, I now am a lot more confident wrapping for first aid purposes. (Am I the only one who wakes up in the middle of the night like "oh no, I hope I didn't put that wrap on too tight/too loose! Would the barn owner notice if I drove over to check? It's almost light out". Yeah, if nothing else if this course makes my brain stop doing that it was well worth the time.)

- Participated in hoof trimming lessons x2. Again, I don't wish to replace my farrier, but knowledge can't hurt. My confidence using the tools has increased hugely, as has Sophie's patience with me.

- Got everything organized and ready for Sophie to move mid-May.

- Got Bridget out on plenty of trail rides. She's feeling quite sound and happy these days and the intermittent stiffness from early in the year seems to have vanished - fingers crossed the vet was right and it was just a strain, never to return?

- Went to a western games day, conquered some nerves, and had a fun time!

I can't believe it's almost May! Time is flying!


  1. Great idea to focus on the small wins! It is too easy to focus on the other stuff that didn't go as well.

    1. I spend way too much time focusing on the not so good.

  2. Lovely photo of your beautiful bay. Welcome to May!

    Mag was NOT feeling welcome when we took a walk today and he saw the first neighborhood "May Trees" - beech trees decorated in crepe ribbons standing in front of the home of your teenage love. If I understand correctly.

    It put Mag over the edge today, although he's seen many Mays *sigh* He lost it and trembled, pooping in their driveway. WTH MAG!

    Glad I wasn't even attempting to ride today. Glad I had my gloves on when he spooked and ran backwards, giving me rope burns through my gloves!

    Hopefully your baby won't require gloves on walks. Mag is EIGHT. Um Himmmels willen.

    1. My baby girl definitely requires gloves still. I took some pictures of the lovely older Arabian mare at our barn last night, I was thinking of you. I will share the pictures next time :)

  3. So excited for the new camera - hopefully it serves its purpose well in feeding us regular media! Heheh.
    The various horse husbandry clinics sound so useful - we have had a first aid clinic in our neck of the woods in the past, but it wasn't particularly helpful. Most of it was, "Take the horse's TPR and then call your vet."

    1. I've taken some like that, kind of disappointing! The wrapping clinic was super useful - the lady was a groom back in the day so kind of cool that she knew all these cool bandaging techniques where these days we might just use a boot.

  4. Yay about the camera! And so many other things. You had a great month full of diversity in the horse world. =)