Monday 27 May 2019

14-16: Sidetracked

It's been unseasonably hot, and G has been on vacation so the weekend evolved to be more about yard work and social outings than horses. It's all good though, we so rarely have days off together that I'm quite content to spend my spare time doing normal couple type things when we can. Obviously, since I am self boarding, we still spent plenty of time at the barn, though :) Normal couple's date night includes feeding horses and picking poo, right? Fly spray is a nice perfume, yes?

"Feed us already, lady!"

I have a funny story regarding all that, actually. We had to feed all the horses at the barn Saturday night, as well as go to a friend's (dressy) birthday dinner at a nice restaurant in town. I had it all planned out, wearing barn clothes over top of my nice ones so I could hopefully look presentable post horse visit. I was feeling pretty good when my plan went off without a hitch.

Until we got back in the truck and had three missed messages.

Our neighbour: "Um hey, so your cat is in our yard and it's bugging my dogs and I don't know what to do. Can you come get it?"

Our neighbours have 3 dogs that are quite frequently in our yard. Our indoor cat is not a fan of that and likes to scowl at them from the window.

So, it seems he snuck out and instead of embracing his freedom and doing normal cat things, he immediately went next door to get revenge. And yes, he chased her dogs and generally caused chaos. Also, we live on the exact opposite side of town than the restaurant we were due at.

Such a jerk.

At least this time we weren't late for dinner due to my horses?

I'm back home Wednesday afternoon and my horsey plans should return to normal. I signed Sophie up for an in hand trail class Saturday morning and I think that will be fun.


  1. I think your cat is awesome. I can see him plotting to get out and teach those stupid dogs a lesson. :D

    1. Right? We figure it was years of plotting his revenge, all from the living room window :D

      Yesterday, G was like "When you feed the cat could you please not leave the empty packages of food next to his bowl?" I'm like "I thought that was you! I've been picking them up for months!" Our best guess is the cat has been taking his food from the kitchen cupboard, taking them downstairs and opening the packages in his bowl . So, basically grabbing a snack whenever he's 'hungry'. Meanwhile, G and I were both assuming the other was feeding him and the cupboard was too high for the cat to raid. All part of the evil plan, I'm sure :D

  2. Hahaha. That's funny about your cat!

    Also, holy Soph has grown quite a bit!!!

    1. I need to measure her again, I think.

  3. He chased the dogs? Ohmy. He's gorgeous! I love tabbies with medium hair. My next cat will be a NICE cat, I swear. I've been swearing since 2010.

    1. I heard more of the story today...he walked into the neighbour's yard and chased their three dogs INTO THEIR HOUSE before taking it back out into the yard. It's ridiculous. When she phoned I thought she was maybe being a bit dramatic, like how much trouble could one little cat cause? Apparently she really needed us to come get him, tho :D