Monday 13 May 2019

She's Home!

Loading Sophie in the trailer was quite comical.

Her first response was to want to spook and bolt far, far, away which had me questioning my decision to leave the driveway gate open (and my lack of gloves). Also, her sanity because it's not like she's never seen a trailer before. In fact, shes spent numerous hours on this very one. Apparently I give her a few months off to grow up and she's Wild Pony of The Raincoast, I guess.

Wild Pony is also super awkward and butt high. At this rate she might be horse sized by the end of summer.

When I opened the door, though and she saw Bridget in there she basically took one last look at her pasture buddies and jumped in the trailer to say hi to Bridget with zero urging from me.  She then proceeded to trailer without a peep to the place I board Bridget. Hopped of super calmly, and proceeded to chill out eating lunch in her temporary accommodations. Yesterday marked her third birthday, so perhaps she thought we were simply doing a lunch out in her honor :D

Been a while since we hauled the ponies anywhere!

All in all, it was far less eventful than I thought it might be. Given her apparent undying love for her previous pasturemates and the minimal amount I've done with her since last fall I thought there would at least be a lot of screaming and looking for them. Perhaps she's not as feral as she might have us believe, perhaps she's under the misguided notion that Bridget will be her new bestie (she may be wrong on that count, B was surprisingly unimpressed to be reunited with her and spent the afternoon on the opposite side of her paddock, ignoring the shared fenceline with S) :D

Bridget is trying the "if you ignore it it might go away" method of dealing with recent developments, lol

Today, I plan to get her out to the arena and see how that goes. She's a good girl, but a lot more sassy and disrespectful than I like at the moment, so we might have a few days of reestablishing rules and going over what she learned last summer and fall before anything new and interesting happens on the baby pony front.

Hey look, riding pictures! I do ride Bridget a few times a week, but our "dressage" amounts to this and we don't take anything too seriously anymore. I mostly just do a lot of bending and suppling exercise to keep her feeling good.

 I apologize in advance - I love baby horses and basic training puzzles, but this blog is probably going to be a little (a lot?) dull for those of you looking for lesson and show recaps...I simply don't have time to do both if I want to get Sophie out 5 days a week for baby boot camp and keep B in shape and commute for work. Give us another year and we'll hopefully be back to that life.



  1. you look awesome on your horse. what a pair!

  2. I'm looking forward to baby bootcamp. This time will set the tone for the rest of her riding career.

  3. Yay for getting her home and I can’t wait to follow along on your training journey with her!

    1. I've been waiting a year already and am so excited to get this journey under way!

  4. I'm glad that silly banana pony finally decided to hop on the trailer and she made it home safely!

    1. I'm so happy to have her "home" again.