Monday 20 May 2019

Days 7&8: The Baby Pony Horse Trials

We're all about trying to keep it interesting over here, so Sophie got up to a few different things over the weekend.

Admiring herself in the mirror

Saturday: Dressage W/T/C longeing.
Sophie processed Thursday's intro to longeing and somehow came out almost a pro on Saturday. Seriously, she had better manners on the longe line than many of the grown up horses I know. It's a bit freaky.
Pretend scorecard: Pony is green but willing, right bend not as fluid as left. Transitions prompt and balanced.

Studying the course ;)

Saturday: Show Jumping Trot poles.
Someone set up what was probably supposed to be a western trail or horsemanship pattern. I jogged and Sophie trotted through all of it like the good girl she is. It's hard to tell when I'm leading her, but she seems to have good instincts for where her feet are and lengthening or shortening appropriately. I think I'm probably good to start longeing her over poles.
Pretend scorecard: Double clear :)

Sunday: Cross Country  A roads and trail adventure.
Off we went for a hike to the lake, with the goal of introducing Sophie to water. It was another warm day and my husband decided to go in for a swim, and Sophie decided to follow him right in. I'm not sure it occurred to either of them that she might not want to, lol
Pretend scorecard: Double clear plus bonus points.

"XC day" was a success, I'd say :)



  1. OMG I am going to come steal her :) What a champ!! :)

  2. She's adorable! What a good baby pony!!

    1. She really wants to be a good girl.

  3. She’s so adorable and what a smart baby pony! She looks so happy to be out doing all the things :)

    1. She loves getting out and about. She didn't want to go back in her field last night, lol.

  4. Yaaaaasssss, future UL eventer!

  5. I am not surprised at how good she's being. All your work has been building towards it. That said, probably at some point she may question you on the rules. :)
    I love the photos of her in the water.

    1. I have no doubt there will be questions - she's by far the most intelligent horse I've ever owned which is a good and bad thing lol

  6. haha I love this - super cute!