Saturday 25 May 2019

Days 12&13: Honeymoon's Over

Thursday evening, I kind of ran out of time and was only able to get the chores done and move Sophie to a proper field (life in the round pen is over for the time being. Yay!) It was just as well that I didn't make any bigger plans because between Sophie and her new neighbours, the hormones were running rampant. I've been spoiled with Bridget, I forgot how much I am not a fan of mare-y mares. The universe does like balance, I guess, because Sophie is of the peeing-everywhere-because-I-met-a-new-friend mare variety. Ah well.

Friday, I had a lot more time so Ms Sophie got to go for some longeing again. Her neighbours were hysterical about her leaving and screaming and running around, which didn't make for the most Zen experience as I groomed her and got her ready up at the barn. Sophie was decent, just a little worried. Our walk down the road was a non event - maybe she's the type that is a bit of a worrier but once she's seen it she's fine. Theres a scrap metal recycler and an auto repair place that have tons of scary things and noises but she barely looks any more.

"Something touched me!"

The longeing was a bit more eventful. Like all smart baby horses she decided to see whether she really has to do these crazy things I ask and some opinions were expressed.  We worked on having prompt up transitions, because there was a dog training class with some pretty excitable/loud puppies going on nearby and she desperately just wanted to stop and watch them. Sorry S, I'm supposed to be the most interesting thing in your life! All in all not bad for fourth time ever, I'm not fussed about "mistakes" at this stage, but am a lot more serious about being consistent that checking in for 10 minutes of work a day with me isn't an optional thing :)

Good girl
Yielding that left shoulder away from me. Progress :)
So interested in the puppy party.

Heading home, some bicycles came zipping up behind us and well and truly scared her. I've talked G into bringing his bike next time to ride with and around us so hopefully we can address that with a good experience.

She kind of lost the plot after that and just desperately wanted to het home to her new (now within screaming distance) friends. To give her credit, she was still very polite to lead, just obviously anxious. When we got back, I left her tied at our grooming spot up by the barn while I did chores and her energy levels went back down.

I feel like we're at the stage where she's comfortable in her new home so the true colors are showing themselves a little more. All good though, she's never really difficult or bad (more just obnoxious, lol) I wanted something more energetic and thinking than Bridget, and think with some further experience and miles S is going to be fantastic.
Pay attention in school, Sophie :)



  1. Given that my 19 year old gelding list his mind over cows, I still think she’s a genius

    1. Lol, poor Irish! First his displeasure over the grass, then the cows moved! <3 him.

  2. haha - a puppy party - I think my old horse would be eyeing that up too! She still sounds pretty sensible for a young horse!

    1. Who doesn't love a puppy party, really? :)

  3. Bicycles scared the shit out of Dante too and they are extremely prevalent at horse shows, I spent a lot of time having kids ride around him with their bicycles in the summer (though very, very small bicycles still give him pause lol)

    1. Good point...I didn't even think of how common they are at horse shows. We share trails with mountain biking ones too so I definitely need to get her used to them!