Friday 10 May 2019

Bring On The Weekends!

I was feeling so awful last week that I went ahead and booked this coming Monday off so I can have an extra long weekend. Luckily, whatever bug I had seems to have passed, so the extra day feels much more like a gift than a necessity :)

The weather is also doing it's part by providing our area with an impromtu summer. Just two weeks ago we were freezing over night, now we are up to 26C/80F - definitely on the hot side for us! My spring garden is confused and unhappy, but I'll take sunshine and warmth any day.

Everything is so green!

The big excitement planned for this weekend is moving Sophie "home". I'm hoping to get that accomplished either Saturday or Sunday, and am feeling quite impatient to have her back especially given all this good weather. I'm ready for baby pony boot camp!

Doesn't suspect a thing ;)

Next weekend is also a long weekend, so it feels like I am barely going to be working. Even more exciting for me is that following that I'm on an adapted schedule all the way through to September. Basically, I will only be away working 2 days a week rather than the 3 I currently am, thanks to the much more accomdating summer ferry schedule (thank you tourists!). I'll still work from home too, so my paycheck won't be impacted - I'll just have more barn time. 

Less time waiting at this ferry dock is a great thing for me.

See you Tuesday! Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Enjoy the weekend! Safe travels to Sophie too!

    1. It was such a nice weekend, thank you!

  2. enjoy your nice long weekend! Lovely pics - BC is so beautiful...sigh. ;-) I hope Sophie's move goes well.

    1. We're back to gray and rainy today, so much for beautiful BC, lol

  3. I'm glad you started feeling better!