Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

2012 was a really great year, and I'm hoping 2013 is even better.

I spent a long time the other day typing up a detailed 'dream' list of 2013 goals for Ginger and myself but since my life is in such a state of flux, (Will I stay here or move for work? Will Lainey come back with me? Will we buy that farm we have our eyes on? ) a few simple and more general goals might be more appropriate. Thats not to say I'm tossing out all the detailed things I want to do - I'll just have to wait and pull the appropriate ones out of the hat depending on where I am living come spring and whether I'm going to be planning for one horse or two!

Generally speaking, at this time next year here's what I'd like to say happened in 2013:

-Healthy and happy horses. As always, this is my priority.

-Continue to progress with Ginger. Attend some dressage test days and some clinics over fences. Attend at least one event.

-Lots of fun events. Local open shows, poker rides, gymkhanas, and fundraising rides.

-Regular lessons, or if not possible due to geography, attend clinics regularly.

-Related to above: become a better rider, particularly over jumps. I hope to do this through lessons, clinics, and improving my fitness. If Lainey is around for additional practice, all the better.

-We need a trailer. Its been how many years now? I need to make a decision and stick to it :)

-Home renos- this seems totally unrelated, I know. It really is horse motivated though :) Here's the deal : We would like to keep the house we're living in and rent it out after we find the ideal horse property. We have another rental house we'd like to sell. In order to do all this, we should to do some renos to both properties - this is the smart thing to do for tax and resale purposes. I'm not keen on just buying something new and holding a big mortgage, so the sooner we get the renos done, the sooner we can sell/rent and move (Ginger included of course) !

Wishing everyone the best in 2013! I hope all of your goals and dreams become reality as the year progresses!


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