Friday 28 December 2012


It's a love/hate relationship. I bought her as a two year old with visions of eventing her one day. She`s beautiful, brave and super athletic. I thought I`d hit the lottery finding her through word of mouth at a local farm. Then, the first week she lived at my house, she managed to kick me. The honeymoon was officially over. That marks the first and only time a horse had seriously taken aim and let loose with the intent to actually connect. Thank goodness I was almost out of reach and my anger fueled adrenaline kicked in. Suffice to say she NEVER tried it again, and we`ve managed to coexist safely from then on.

I quickly learned she always has an opinion on just about anything. Luckily I always have an even firmer opinion and if G was reading this, he`d happily chime in at this point and tell you I`m offically the most stubborn person he`s ever met ;)  I moved her to my house with the small acreage in back and we got along pretty well. We slowly progressed through lessons and training until I had a horse I'd trust with just about anyone in any situation. But I still didn't feel like we really had a bond. Work partners, maybe. A lifetime commitment? Hmmm, no, perhaps we should see other people.

Ginger came along. It was love at first sight.  I decided to lease the ever trustworthy Lainey out. Immediately, I had someone interested and a girl came to try her. She seemed good. Then she got on. Lainey took off and bucked. Not good. She still seemed interested but I was uncomfortable with the fact Lainey had bucked with her and decided against it since I didn`t need the worry. A few more months passed, and Lainey and I continued our happy little coexistance.

I moved Ginger and Lainey to a new farm, and since Ginger was getting training, I decided to sign Lainey up too with the intent of getting her prepped to be sold. Apparently she was absolutely horrible the first week, then back to her normal self after that. Trainer girl loved her and started recommending her to clients. We quickly had someone interested in her. They leased her for a couple of months to make sure. The first month apparently went well, the second month, no one is quite sure what happened and the deal was off. Lainey continued happily through the summer with me riding her in lessons and having some fun learning to jump. Eventually someone else came along and wanted to buy her. By this time, I was getting a bit anxious about my Jekyll and Hyde horse and happily signed a trial lease instead.  Trainer girl seemed confident these were the right people and my worries were probably unfounded.

Then, a month ago, I get a text. Lainey is bucking. And it's happened for the past few lessons. They are (understandably) worried something is wrong. Has she done this before? They have her checked out and change the saddle, but nothing seems physically wrong. Sigh. The Evil Lainey is back. She's never bucked with me or the trainer, this is a new thing.

At this point, I'm not sure what to do. She's always seemed fairly easy for me, but then again maybe we're just used to each other. I also ride almost every day, maybe she needs that?  She's good for the trainer. A year ago I would have trusted her with anyone- now I worry. The people leasing are getting regular lessons and are hoping this is just a phase. Still, I feel horrible they are paying good money to lease my horse advertised as a safe, go anywhere type and she is doing something as awful as bucking. Looks like she will be staying with us for the forseeable future.

Earlier this year, Evil Lainey stands in the field plotting how to prevent her sale:

So pretty when she smiles:

At least G is somewhat excited by this latest development. He is Lainey's biggest fan and has been hoping she'll be coming back to us :)


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