Thursday 3 January 2013

New Years Hike

With my lack of motivation followed by an out of town trip, some renos, a nasty flu bug, and various social commitments, Ginger ended up with a couple of weeks off over the holidays. I managed to get to the barn most of the days, but I couldn't seem to string together enough time for a ride. Today, with G still on vacation, I had promised to spend the morning helping him do some paperwork, and to go for a good hike with him in the afternoon. I wanted to stop in and check on Ginger on the way, but I could sense he was reluctant to spare the extra time since I had also promised to get home in time to cook the turkey dinner we missed by being sick at christmas. He's a man - turkey dinner wins over anything ;)

At any rate, to keep the peace, we stopped in for a quick barn visit. Ginny was going totally stir crazy in her paddock and acting ridiculous. G took one look and suggested we re-route and take Ginger along for a hike since he thought she'd like to get out for a bit too. He's a huge softie when it comes to animals. We were taking her hiking fairly regularly, then winter came and we started running the less muddy trails closer to town and I was spending my barn time actually riding in the ring :) I like bringing her along on our hikes because G doesn't ride but likes horses - it's a nice way for him to spend time actively doing something with her.

I quickly took him up on the offer and got Ginger's boots on. I didn't want to tempt fate and ask him to wait while I groomed and tacked her up. So, off we went, Ginger ungroomed and in her ratty field halter, her "PJ's" -the fleece sheet she wears under her rain sheet, and her boots. Reminds me of my somewhat senile grandma who used to go out shopping in her big fluffy slippers with really crazy bedhead ;) G was leading Ginger so I could pretend the hairy, wild looking pony was not mine. Just kidding - he just likes being the one to lead her. He's not super experienced with horses and she's not an easy horse, but I have yet to see her be anything but perfect for him. Even today, she was feeling very up at first but just pranced along beside him looking impressive. No pulling or bad manners, and even over some pretty rough spots she was careful to keep enough space from him. It's nice that he can lead her if he wants to and I don't have to worry (too much ;) He likes her because she's easier to walk than his dog was - which I don't want to tell him is probably more of a negative reflection of our dog training skills :) We ended up on about a 2.5 hour loop and I think we all enjoyed the outing. Tomorrow (knock on wood) life goes back to normal and I'll have time to ride regularly again.

Happy Ginny likes going for walks and being treated like a dog:

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