Friday 25 January 2013

It poured rain

And the winds were about 60km/hr. And yet, we still had a wonderful day. We went for a good long ride through the forest today. G came and hiked along with us. Ginger loves this, because she likes G. She prefers to be out ahead, proudly leading the way, but once G starts getting too far behind she'll ask if we can stop and wait for him. I usually say OK, because I like him too ;) We ventured a bit farther from home than normal, so we got to go over a wooden bridge and through a large creek. The terrain was a little different than Ginny is used to as well, with the narrow trail wandering through an old growth forest with lots of logs and big roots to trip over. She handled it all like a star and didn't look at anything, even with the wild weather around us. I still wonder how on earth my super spooky arena pony can be such a brave trail horse!

In other news, there has been a little boarding barn drama (I can hear your gasp of surprise from here, that never happens, right? ;). I'm feeling good tonight though, because the drama was concerning shavings for the barn. Luckily G and I just happen to have a friend with a sawmill business. So, as of now, we get an unlimited (and free!) supply of shavings for Ginger! I wonder if Sawmill Guy realizes just how big of a deal this is for a horsey person. I just hope the case of beer showed my never ending appreciation! Ginger is happily enjoying a giant thick bed of sawdust as we speak and I feel content knowing she's snug and cosy in her shelter tonight.

I also came home to a wonderful update on Lainey. They've been working hard and are back in a happy place. Whewww, am I ever relieved! This weekend they're training with one of our canadian national show jumping champions and having a blast. They're going to be back showing again soon. It sounds like Lainey might not be coming home quite yet :)

And, the new 'old' fence at our mini farm is finally complete. Today, while putting the last rails up, I noticed some green buds popping out of the lilac bushes. That made a good day wonderful!


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