Wednesday 16 January 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Ginny and I have been hitting the trails with friends and having a great time. She's really in her element out there and is such a fun ride.
The ring remains frozen and unusable. It's surrounded by big trees so doesn't get much sun. We've got some rides planned there this coming weekend so I hope the weather will warm up as predicted. I'm wanting to set up some easy ground rail grids and some mini jumps for Ginger.
I've also been busy redoing the fencing at our little acreage. I felt a bit old today. I bought the place when I was still very young so today I was actually replacing posts I installed when I first lived there. That was 10 years ago already :(
Winter is the best time for fencing here because the ground is wet and the digging easy. Besides, it's a good way to keep warm. I'm not using the place, but it's nice knowing it's there and horse ready and safe. I also found a few treasures in the barn. My missing show pad, a pair of hoof boots I'm going to give to a friend, a first aid kit with lots of usable items and even a winter blanket that might fit Ginger.

I've recently switched to self board, which I'm really enjoying. I like doing all the barn chores and it's an excuse for a little more quality time with Ginny.

Real life is calling, though. In my case literally. The folks in Alberta are wondering if I'd like to come back sooner rather than later. My old full time permanent position is available or I can opt for a term position. I've got some completely different options on the table as well. And of course G wishes I would just stay here. Decisions, decisions. I will research which option has the best barn/horsey scene. ( Yes, I'm halfway serious here ;)


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