Tuesday 8 January 2013

It's the thought that counts?

Today, my 'to do' list looked something like this:

-Go for a ride
-Go for a run
-Replace fence/posts at our rental acreage
-Pick out new bathroom tile

What really happened:

-I picked out bathoom tile
-I bored myself to death on our elliptical
-I surfed the internet

I drove up to go for my ride this morning and this is what the road to the barn looked like:

A slushy, nasty mess. The barn is just high enough up from the ocean to get the odd day of wet snow while the rest of us get rain. Since the roads there today were just too slippery to be safe to ride (or run) on and we had a wind warning also in effect, I gave Ginger some treats and went back home to hide. And to dream of having an indoor like this:

(Picture taken from http://www.pacificdustcontrol.com/indoor-riding-arena-dust-control/) I love the garage style doors on the sides. The more natural light the better with our dark northern winters. I'm not sure if this is the arena, but I've seen video of one like it and the doors can actually roll up along the rafters at the push of a button. Sadly, I think (know) this is out of budget. I do have tentative approval for this barn, which I've been in love with for a few years, but I've lost track of the site the picture originally came from:
Ginger would look so cute in there! And that's the important thing, right? ;) The trick here is the reverse bait and switch technique. I show G multiple pictures of super fancy barns and estates and pretend they're everything I ever wanted, then 'settle' for the above barn which is really my dream barn. Too bad he knows me and knows what I'm up to. Also too bad I'll be paying for half ;)
And I looked at welsh cob sites. I'm pretty sure if Ginger was looking for a boyfriend, this would be her man:

Nebo Knight Ryder from Quillane Welsh Cobs. (http://quillanewelsh.com/) I'm a sucker for dark bays with white. Sad, because of this I'll be forever getting asked if my cob is, in fact, a small clydesdale. True story, this really happens. Often. One lady even started talking down to me like I was lying when she asked Ginny's breeding  :( Not that I'd be embarrassed to own a clyde or clyde cross, but I'm starting to get a little offended! The more knowlegeable usually guess she's an old type morgan, since there are a few around these parts. The british or europeans always guess right. But I'd guess about 90% of the people I meet aren't even aware welsh can be any bigger than a medium sized pony, which is a shame because I think there are a number of people that would certainly be interested in owning one if they were more aware of the breed.
Next, I started looking at cobs for sale. If one is awesome, two would be twice as awesome. Not yet, though. First, we still need a property to hold all of these dreams. (Off now to madly google real estate listings...;)


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