Monday 7 January 2013

Back in The Saddle

I've set some "me time" aside and ridden a couple of times since my last post. Ginny is feeling very, very good. So am I. I think I get a bit down without enough barn time. We've had a couple of fun rides so far. She's fun when she's a bit fresh because it just translates into forwardness, with the odd look or mini spook thrown in. The fact that she's really not a spooky horse in the traditional sense was confirmed for me yesterday - on our ride home a little storm picked up, so we had rain and wind blowing up her tail, plus lots of branches and things cracking and falling in the forest around us. A hiker we met also told me he had just seen a bear in the area. For some of the horses I've had this would have all been an excuse to be silly, but Ginny was just excited to be out for a ride. I think it's just when she gets bored that we run into trouble!
Since we're only a couple of rides back into the swing of things we're not up to much excitement in the ring - transitions, some easy ground poles, some squares for that stubborn outside shoulder, and a few spiral exercises. All in all, maybe 25 minutes and we both barely broke a sweat. I'm really excited to be back at it.

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