Saturday 12 January 2013

New blanket

Ginger's old blanket has seen better days. It belonged to Lainey first, and Lainey is not known for looking after her stuff. I've patched and repaired it a lot over the years. The past few springs, I always vow to toss it and buy a new one, then fall comes and I manage to convince myself I can get one more season from it. I arrived at the barn yesterday to see a giant rip along a seam that had previously been patched and I finally had to admit defeat.
Can I have a new blanket please? I'm going to keep hanging out in this muddy corner of my paddock until you say yes. Hope you like wet socks.

My penny pinching ways caught up with me because I ended up having to go to the only local tack store to buy the last size 78 blanket at a premium price. Being the last blanket, it's also a rather obnoxious shiny brown plaid that reminds me of the couch my parents had when I was little.
No matter, Ginger is rocking 70's retro style as only a welsh cob can :

All set for another 5 years ;)
Brown plaid is the new black. All the cool horses know it.
Notice the sun is STILL shining? All my horsey friends are phoning at once - everyone wants to get out and take advantage of the weather! More trail adventures are scheduled for tomorrow. I can't wait!

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