Friday, 17 May 2019

Day 6: Hand Me Downs

The second kid never gets the good stuff.

I'd like this picture a whole lot better if she wasn't wearing an ancient halter with "Bridget" written on it in permanent marker :)
On the flip side, having an older "sister" like Bridget means you have a lot of things you can borrow and try on.

Like this saddle! Checking the whole "wearing a saddle again" off my to do list. Sophie was skeptical of the saddle pad so I spent a little time with that, otherwise she was fine and we skipped the rodeo this time. 
Sophie finished out her afternoon by being nearly perfect for the farrier. Thank goodness, because I really wasn't keeping her toes short enough and needed the check in.

Ponies have the best dapples.
Onwards to the weekend!

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