Monday 8 June 2015

Still Don't Wanna

Superstar pose
During my visit to our future home, I watched a couple of lessons and quickly caught on to the fact that things are a little different there than what we're used to. This is a jumping barn, not a dressage/hack barn and very reminiscent of the lessons I had when I was away last year. Bridget appears to have a lot more dressage-y type miles on the flat than the other horses there of a similar age (yay?) but has way fewer hours over the jumps (uh oh). Since we are going to be sharing lessons with someone who is cantering small cross rail courses, I went into this weekend's lesson with the goal of putting together a mini course and getting Bridget used to the idea that we can string things together and jump more than one line at a time.

But, as mares often do, Bridget had other ideas. This once or twice a week thing really isn't working for us - she came out really stiff and argumentative again, so we reverted WAY back to basics - flexions on the circle off an open rein, forward at all costs, that sort of thing. My spurs may need to make a comeback. She was so counter bent and crooked and sucked back S offered to get on and I happily accepted that offer. S quietly picked all the fights and easily won them and 10 minutes later I got back on a pony that turns and goes when you ask. Miracles ;)

We went back to our exercise where we have ground poles every few strides around the arena. We cantered them a few laps each way and then upper the difficulty and circled and crossed the diagonal, trotting at x, then picking up the new lead in the corner. Midge did pretty well - left as always was much more adjustable and balanced, but just getting her leads first try and cantering a 20m circle to the right with poles involved was a win.
No riding pics, sorry

We set up a rather intimidating looking gymnastic consisting of about 8 raised trot poles with a little vertical in the middle. The idea being the poles do the work of encouraging her to keep a steady tempo before and after without rider nagging. Since she was a bit backwards thinking, we spaced them fairly long for her and got her moving out. A fun little exercise to finish and I think she enjoyed it - she seemed quite relaxed and happy by the end, a night and day difference from the pony we started with. Maybe next week we'll be able to set up a mini course, I think she's more than ready. Really, I think she'll be fine to be tossed into a lesson as is at the new barn, but you know how it is - you hope not to look too terrible for the first day, at least :)
A short hack home

Ginger had a friend of mine come out and take her on a trail ride as well this weekend. By all accounts a good time was had by all. I couldn't make it because I had a pre existing ride time later in the afternoon with another friend. Unfortunately friend 2 cancelled out at the last minute and by then it was too late to make the earlier ride with friend 1 and Ginger. I decided to sulk for a bit then entertained myself by running around in the sprinkler at home to cool off and got massively sidetracked by that to the point that the next thing I knew I was ridiculously sun burnt and it was time to head out to the ferry to return back to weekday work location. So, Bridget and I just had the one outing this week. I have a lesson scheduled next weekend and I think rather than trying to plan a bunch of stuff I'll sneak out early in the morning alone and get my second ride in that way. Quality time alone with the ponies is one of the best ways to recharge the batteries!

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  1. fun lesson, even if you had to start by reinstalling some buttons. my mare doesn't do great with only 1-2 rides per week either, so i know what that's like. the new barn sounds so exciting tho - i think Bridget is going to LOVE coursework!