Saturday 6 June 2015

Say What?!

We're down to the last couple of S lessons with Bridget, and the thought made me so sad this morning I impulsively told her to hold my weekend lesson time and I'll bring Ginger instead after Bridget moves! (Cue minor panic attack )

S is SO laid back and patient and that great mix of being honest but incredibly accepting of horse and rider shortcomings that are a work in progress. No nagging from her, she just changes up the exercises to force you or pony to work through things indirectly. I like that - progress without ever feeling like you're overwhelmed or less than adequate.

So, starting in July, look forward to some weekly recaps of Ginger rides. At one or two rides/lessons week there's unlikely to be much progress or excitement, but I'm hoping that's a good thing because there will be no pressure or expectations! I hope a low key, no pressure, just for fun approach will help my mental game in regards to Project Gingersnap. The whole I want to show/but I'm so nervous/pony is still too reactive/pony is lame/but I want to show/ohhhh but now she's been out of work and her mind isn't there/look, progress!/oh look she's lame again cycle was/is exhausting. So rather than the "all or nothing" mindset I'm going to consciously attempt to focus on just having a fun ride on the weekends and letting the chips fall where they may.

Fun lesson on Midge this morning, beach ride tomorrow. I will post about those in a few days, currently I am attempting to leash train my baby cat before I head back to work and that's obviously a task requiring my full dedication lol

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  1. omg your cat is too cute! and actually i'm kinda excited to see what happens with the Ginger lessons. coming at it with a fresh perspective and reduced pressure/expectations might be just the ticket for you two to click into a nicer routine :)