Monday 29 June 2015

HGBH: Every Day Tack Set Up

Thanks to Stephanie at Hand Gallop  for the great blog hop!

Bridget and I are pretty basic...

No name bridle from Greenhawk because her head is weird and I can't find a nice bridle to fit properly...either the cheek pieces are too long or the browband is too small...or both! At least this one sort of fits and it was cheap. A nice, properly fitting one is on my wish list.

Standard D ring snaffle in 4.75". Cause that's what the local tack store had in her size, and it works.

Stubben reins, because cheap leather is apparently fine for pony's head but not for my hands :)

Stubben Juventus S saddle, because we're both on the shorter side. I like this saddle a lot, and although it's not trendy or perfect for our needs, I don't think it's going anywhere soon. Lined calfskin leathers and basic fillis irons.

-Cheap neoprene girth. I like them because they're easy to keep clean and feel like they should be comfortable. I have a nice matchy matchy leather one but I feel like it would rub, also a sheepskin lined one that looks mangy and stays wet all the time. I do occasionally use  an old school string one that is excellent for hot, sweaty days.

-Assorted saddle pads. I find the standard Greenhawk ones are about the best cheaper pad for holding their shape after multiple washings and hours in the rain and sun.

-Cashel foam half pad. What can I say? Old school all the way. It works, but it's another thing on my upgrade list.

-If I'm feeling anxious, I have a jumper breastplate that makes an appearance now and then as well, mostly for it's handy grab strap.

-No boots, etc. Pony likes to smash poles, and I feel like adding protection would only encourage the smashing. She's not athletic enough to overreach or anything either, so boots can wait until I find a decently ventilated pair more for the support option and that would fit a horse sized leg with a pony sized height.

Looking at this list, it becomes apparent that I have spent too much time in Middle Of Nowhere, Canada, since the majority of my stuff was ordered online via Greenhawk and isn't overly exciting. It works for us, though, and I tell myself I value function and fit over pretty. I won't lie though, I have some serious tack envy due to some of your blogs, and if more suppliers sold Bridget sized stuff to Canada I'd be really tempted!



  1. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

    Thanks for participating- and if I can ever help you out with tack stuff, just let me know! The tack shop where I work ships to Canada on the regular. ;)

    1. That sounds dangerous! I may get in touch if my paycheques ever catch up to my horsey spending ;)

  2. Bridget looks so sharp in her breastplate! and i'm with you - function and practicality first and foremost... tho a little fancy here and there is nice too :)

    1. I really do love soft, pretty leather, but yes function and practicality are the name of the game for now.

  3. I work near a greenhawk...which is very dangerous haha :) Sounds like a good set up to me!

    1. greenhawk is super dangerous for me - the prices really aren't crazy for the quality they sell, especially when there's a sale. I'm crossing my fingers their cute breeches go on sale soon!