Wednesday 17 June 2015

'Final' S Lesson Recap

Because I did have a lesson last weekend too :) I'm sad it will be our last with S, but she has agreed to  help me with Ginger and come coach Bridget and I at a show in September. Yay!

Midge was giving me a sticky and unwilling feeling even on my hack up the road, so S immediately got on at the start of our lesson time. As with last week, a friendly reminder or two was needed. Yes, pony, you do have to carry yourself, yes you can bend, yes you can move off the leg quicker. Poor pony! Disappointing that she's sort of losing her work ethic as her fitness fades, but I can't blame her. It only took a few minutes to get her back to a better place. We're still miles ahead of the non cooperative pony of a few months ago!
But it's too hot and I'm fat, silly owner...
 Walk/trot felt good, though slightly stiff through her body. I may need to revisit my spurs at some point, but for now we chalk it up to pony not being worked enough. Canter though was the best yet! We had a few strides at a time of her carrying herself and bringing those hind legs under. It felt amazing to be able to take my legs off and just have her carry me along in a nice balanced canter.

Canter was followed by a brief intermission to allow a lost deer to run through and around the ring a bit. It seemed young and confused, poor thing, and kept leaving, then returning again to run around. It also REALLY wanted to get close to Bridget, so I'm not sure - maybe it was missing it's momma? Thank goodness Bridget could care less what kind of crazy antics the rest of the animal kingdom gets up to, and little deer went back to it's hidey hole in the bushes by the far corner of the ring, being sure to snort at us every time we rode by :)

Since Midge was being uncharacteristically stiff through her shoulders, we opted to teach her shoulder in. I know it sounds weird that we haven't directly addressed it when she does the basics of everything else, but she's usually really free with her shoulders so we didn't want that to be used against us! Whatever we're doing must be working because she surprised us with a decent shoulder in first try both ways. We moved up to a trot and the extra momentum helped her stay straighter and more forward and resulted in a presentable attempt first try. Good girl! It was hot and muggy, so we ended early on that note.
Treats for good ponies

I'm away this coming weekend, so the tentative plan is for Midge to have a short vacation and to be moved this coming Tuesday to our new coach's barn. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly - I can't want to get back to a regular routine! 
Blankets washed and ready to go. Don't judge our sandy desert lawn - it's been the hottest and driest spring ever and I hate wasting water for non essential things.

Halter training the baby cat going about as well as you'd expect. I think maybe he doesn't see me as his leader, somehow :)


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  1. lol @ your kitty not seeing you as his leader!! good luck with that ;)

    exciting about Bridget doing so well in the canter and figuring out the shoulder in so quickly! the work ethic stuff will surely fade once she moves and you can ride more. i just had to re-learn the hard lesson that my expressive and proud mare becomes quite dull and blah without a regular routine. at least it's easily fixed! good luck with the move!