Tuesday 2 June 2015

June Goals

First, the May Recap:

-Weekly lessons. I've been good about this, but lately we're all working and busy so it's a bit more of a challenge.  Done, although I was luckily not working full time and able to fit a lesson in on random weekday afternoons.

-Bring a goal to each of my lessons. I've been terrible about showing up and only having a vague idea of what I'd like to work on. Done, although I didn't meet all of them since horses do have their own agendas at times and smart people adapt to what the horse brings to the table on the day:)

-Pole work/gymnastics. Again, lazy me is great for setting up single poles or jumps and not really making the pony work. Also good practice for me to set a pattern and remember/ride it effectively. Done! So many poles and patterns ridden over (and through;) last month!

-More discipline. Not of the whips and spurs variety, but of the 'looking to be better' mindset. Baby pony is not super green anymore and it's time to start expecting immediate, balanced transitions from halt/walk/trot every time. Also moving off my leg immediately in lateral work, and practicing self carriage and 'honesty' rather than me babysitting every stride. Canter remains a work in progress...Yes, although as always a work in progress. Baby pony isn't liking the new me much at times.

-Pony needs to work harder at the canter. We have one at last, yay! But smart babies think that means it time to run around really fast and inverted on the forehand, objecting greatly to any contact. Work on balanced transitions up and down and try to carry that balance into a few strides before and after the transitions. Build from there! I did this, but really didn't get as much progress as I would have liked, as evidenced by this week's runaway train canter!

-Prep for a show. At this point, I'm not sure the mid May show is a go - some people in line ahead of me for the trailer ride/coach help have opted in at the last minute. Still, we'll prep as if we're going because of course things change and there are more shows and other people we can go with. Yes, see above with all the poles and patterns practice, also buckled down on the transitions and my own bad habits. No shows yet, though

-Don't stress over Ginger I am awesome at beating myself up for 'giving up' by not riding or focusing on her. She's happy, she gets plenty of attention, and she's healthy. I need to let go of the guilt - pretty sure her feelings aren't hurt by my riding Bridget so much  :) She'll be there when or if I'm ready, but I'm going to try not to pressure myself to make any decisions. Time, we've got lots of it! Failed so badly here.
Happy ponies

Finally...that job I mentioned may just interfere slightly in my current plans. If I end up going there to work, I will need to find a house and a barn (and a coach) preferably before June 1st. I'm happy here, but $ are useful.  I'll add making a decision this week and planning appropriately to my list of immediate goals. Decisions made, and here I am with a new job.

Finally, the June Goals:

-Weekly Lessons. Currently means travelling home each weekend. Oh darn :)
Tired just thinking about it

-Keep it Fun. This is going to be a month of transition, so try to not sweat the small stuff (like only being able to ride on weekends) and any setbacks/lack of progress. Also, resist the temptation to drill the poor pony and get out for a nice relaxing trail ride at least one day.

-Find a Barn for July 1st. Should be easy, right? lol. I want to move Bridget here so I can ride and get lessons after work. Can I hope to salvage some sort of a show season too? Ginger is going to stay where she is and I've made tentative plans with the barn owner to get out on the weekends I'm home for a trail ride with Ginger's boyfriend, the BO's Morgan named Mac.

Ginger and her man

-Map Out a Tentative Show Season (dependent on above), but can't hurt to attend some of the local events in the meantime as a spectator and get an idea of what's offered/what the format is like.

-Examine Finances. (And come up with a plan moving forward). Sometimes reality sucks, and this is one of those necessary tasks I hate. Bonus: A new job. Double bonus: my truck will be paid off this month, so no debts/payments left. Negatives: Boarding here is very expensive. Travelling home regularly also expensive. Rent here is expensive, and we want to buy - more $$$$$. I would like a horse trailer - also expensive. You get the idea. I love my horses, but I need to balance them with my desire for a home base here and a savings account too :)



  1. Wow! You crossed off a ton of things for May! Impressive.

    I hope things get rolling for you in June and don't get too stressed out!

  2. Like 'Keep it fun'. This is something I struggle with. I often find myself getting way too serious about my riding. To the point where one day I am like, "I don't even want to ride for awhile", yet I dutifully drag my butt to the barn and get more training in.

    This is partly why I have dedicated my focus elsewhere this year and taken a new idea on training. Hmm... I think you have inspired a blog post for me, thank you!

    1. This is me, too. I'm way too hard on myself already so setting goals can be a tricky thing. I always try to have one goal that is something like "have fun" or "relax" or "enjoy x,y and z" I know it's a bit silly, but I truly need the reminder now and then!

  3. love your june goal! esp the 'keep it fun' part. hopefully the rest will fall into place too!

    1. Thank you! Fun is the most important thing :)

  4. You made lots of progress in May and have some great goals for June :) I struggle to keep it fun sometimes...I think we all can be hard on ourselves.

    1. I've been noticing lately I've been super hard on myself in all aspects of life. On the plus side, my google quest for why that could be so turned up an article stating those of use who self critique and objectively question ourselves are far more likely to be super successful. So, that means myself and 99% of all the horse bloggers I read are destined for greatness... Or, my original thought...our horses make us mentally unstable. One or the other, lol ;)