Friday 1 May 2015

May Goals

I don't think I set any April goals, so consider them met! Yay me! Go horses!

After all that hard work, I'm going to remain super disciplined and set goals for May.

-Weekly lessons. I've been good about this, but lately we're all working and busy so it's a bit more of a challenge.

-Bring a goal to each of my lessons. I've been terrible about showing up and only having a vague idea of what I'd like to work on.

-Pole work/gymnastics. Again, lazy me is great for setting up single poles or jumps and not really making the pony work. Also good practice for me to set a pattern and remember/ride it effectively.

-More discipline. Not of the whips and spurs variety, but of the 'looking to be better' mindset. Baby pony is not super green anymore and it's time to start expecting immediate, balanced transitions from halt/walk/trot every time. Also moving off my leg immediately in lateral work, and practicing self carriage and 'honesty' rather than me babysitting every stride. Canter remains a work in progress...

-Pony needs to work harder at the canter. We have one at last, yay! But smart babies think that means it time to run around really fast and inverted on the forehand, objecting greatly to any contact. Work on balanced transitions up and down and try to carry that balance into a few strides before and after the transitions. Build from there!

-Prep for a show. At this point, I'm not sure the mid May show is a go - some people in line ahead of me for the trailer ride/coach help have opted in at the last minute. Still, we'll prep as if we're going because of course things change and there are more shows and other people we can go with.

-Don't stress over Ginger I am awesome at beating myself up for 'giving up' by not riding or focusing on her. She's happy, she gets plenty of attention, and she's healthy. I need to let go of the guilt - pretty sure her feelings aren't hurt by my riding Bridget so much  :) She'll be there when or if I'm ready, but I'm going to try not to pressure myself to make any decisions. Time, we've got lots of it!

Finally...that job I mentioned may just interfere slightly in my current plans. If I end up going there to work, I will need to find a house and a barn (and a coach) preferably before June 1st. I'm happy here, but $ are useful.  I'll add making a decision this week and planning appropriately to my list of immediate goals.



  1. that's a lot of goals - and some of them are pretty big! good luck sticking with it, and hope Bridget continues to get better and more impressive :)

    1. I know, right? I started writing and the next thing I knew all that came out! Luckily lots of them are related goals and nothing there is super finite...just a lot of 'working towards x' type stuff. Besides, this time next month I could always conveniently forget I wrote this post lol

  2. Great goals!!! I have given Apollo many breaks for various reasons and I was pretty hard on myself about it. You know when the time is right for Ginger and when it isn't :) I think that's the best goal, less stress for T is a good thing!

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure why we have the 'healthy horses are going to waste if they're not in work - you must feel guilty' mentality. I happen to know they make excellent pets ;)

  3. Your horses your choice what to do with them and when. There is no doubting the TLC they receive and I'm 100% sure neither ever feels hard done by!
    Keep on keeping on and best of luck with the big decisions & searches that may ensue from them *hugs*