Tuesday 28 April 2015


I mentioned the not so nice auditors at this past weekend's clinics. I've been thinking a bit more about it. 

The vast majority of the negative comments were things like "Person x is going to get hurt" "I wouldn't trust that horse" "One time I saw that person get bucked off that horse - she is over horsed for sure" "Person y is going to ruin their horse, the horse looks mad". followed of course, by all the 'advice' they have for how they'd fix whatever issues they were seeing and and how person z will never be safe unless they follow program A, B, or C and ride only on a Tuesday afternoon while wearing green. A little obnoxious yes, and maybe part of it was them wanting to pump themselves up a little, but I know these people who were auditing. Their comments were way more reflective of themselves rather than the people they were criticizing. I think they were simply putting their own anxieties out there on those other people, rather than intending to be as harshly critical as I first felt they were being. Which makes me feel less angry about it, and more just kind of sad - after all,  I was at rock bottom and nervous to ride and had zero confidence in my own abilities not so very long ago.

My next thought: Oh my goodness is it WONDERFUL to own Bridget. Let's be honest, I didn't go talk to anyone about anything, my riding hasn't magically got any better technically, I haven't followed any special training program, I haven't even really worked that hard. What I did do is admit there was a problem and found the right horse for me as I am right this instant. That's it. The difference in my confidence and riding is obvious by my initial "WTF are you doing/ talking about?! Everyone is doing great and it's all under control" reaction to this weekend's auditor comments. I'm excited to go to clinics and look forward to being challenged. Rather than feeling physically ill the morning of clinics and events, I feel confident that in even if we do end up completely out of our depths in any given situation, we're a team that can get through it together.
Recent ridiculous outtake of our little team. I am so happy. Bridget not so much ha ha.

Next thought: NOBODY on that rail better talk bad about Bridget. Even when she is being very bad! Somehow this pony has grown on me to the point where even hearing the tiniest bit of 'advice' would have brought that peanut gallery a world of pain ;)

My further thought: I bought Bridget as a confidence booster trail riding pony. She's green, she's pushy, she's not the best example of a Sec D, she's not even overly nice to be around. But I felt good with her and that's what mattered and continues to matter. My plan was to take a time out from being 'serious' about riding, and just trail ride with my friends. Eventually I'd get back to riding and lessons on Ginger and sell Bridget on to a deserving home. There's a bit of a wrench in that plan though - Bridget continues to step up and surprise me. Trail riding pony actually looks kind of cute in our lessons. She also really likes to jump. I've got super attached to her. I'd like to think she's attached to me. There's no reason we can't do all the things I wanted to do with Ginger. Maybe we won't be as competitive. I'll be that short round person on the short round pony. But we'll both be having fun.
While I'm not at the point where I am ready to find Ginger another home, the option is swirling in the back of my mind a little. Maybe a lease, maybe a perfect placement with someone I know. Or maybe I'll just have the nicest pet horse ever :)
And the reason you don't get more candid shots of Ginger, She is a velcro horse pet and they all look like this. I'd have to go undercover and I'd need a zoom lens to take pics to prevent her seeing I was there and coming to say hi!
Or this. Hi Ginger :)



  1. Love your comments about the auditors. So very true and timely since I am heading to a clinic this Saturday and I am a bit of a fish out of water, sort of speak. A hunter in eventing land. Eap!
    On another note. Love the Gingy face!

    1. You'll be great! Besides, eventers are friendly and welcoming :) Have fun!

  2. She seems to be turning out to be a lovely pony. Ginger is looking adorable.

    1. Thank you! She's such an opinionated thing, she'd do well to learn some of Ginger's kind nature lol

  3. that's frustrating about the auditors and their comments - but you're probably right - they're probably just venting their own insecurities... still annoying tho! so glad to hear that you're feeling so empowered with Bridget too :)

    1. I'm glad they had nothing to say about Ms Bridget...or else there would have been some trouble lol. I actually know the people involved pretty well, and they're all generally opinionated (but very nice) people - that's why it struck me as so odd and got my back up! If it was random strangers I would have just thought 'oh well, guess we're not ever going to be friends ;)'.