Thursday 21 May 2015

Ginger Lives Here Too

Love my big mare!
Poor Ginger, her blog has been taken over by the Midget pony! My only excuse is that usually I groom Ginger and turn her out in the mornings inside the barn when the main door is still closed and the lighting stinks for pictures of the big mare.

Love how she`s nearly 16hh but her silhouette still looks like a pony!
Pretty girl
 Yesterday, I actually went to the barn in the afternoon to ride, but it was just too hot out - the ponies were sweating just hanging out in the pasture and I felt more like reclining in a deck chair with a frosty drink than riding.

`Lets go back in, it`s hot out!`No idea why iphone turned her so red, her current color is a really light bay like the first pics.
Ginger got a quick spa treatment and all her bug stuff applied. Bad news is she is still scratching intensively, good news is so far she's not rubbing out her mane or tail and her belly has no rubs. With the absence of actual bug bites or irritation, we're starting to wonder if it's turned into a habit. Bad news is she trotted away slightly off again, good news is both vet and farrier now think it is some kind of ongoing muscle weakness in her big fat bum and not worth too much fussing over given the lifestyle she's leading. (Pasture pet, essentially, with the odd slow W/T ride). Both feel she'd even out with increased strength behind, as she actually is weighting her hind legs evenly and pushing from behind, just one side is stronger than the other giving that little bit of a weird feel.

I don't post a lot about Ginny because we're still weighing out options for the big mare. I might like to have her bred next spring. G is on board but would rather I sell since I don't use her much. In the back of my mind, I still think I'd like to ride and show her, but with Bridget stepping up more and more and just being so easy to deal with it's hard. She`s easy to have around and makes me smile every day, so she`s not going anywhere any day soon. We`ll wait and see what changes this new job brings before I make any big decisions - if we had our own acreage then the whole paying for a horse I don`t ride all the time argument becomes slightly less valid :)


  1. Ginger is looking nice. The weather can miserably hot to ride in sometimes, especially in the summer in Northern California when its 100 degrees by 11. I hope the new job brings only good changes!

  2. she really is so pretty!! good luck figuring out next steps for her - definitely lots to consider!