Thursday 14 May 2015


This upcoming move has me all mentally torn in a million different directions.  I'm excited. The job is perfect, the people are awesome, it's not that far away. I like the area. I know it's a smart move for our future, but darn, I was seriously DONE with living away from G, even part of the time. That this is a short term arrangement until he can join me makes me feel better, but I just want him there with me already! I like things organized, and I like our existing status quo. So, you can imagine the ridiculous amount of time I'm spending getting our current place just perfect, researching the new area, looking at real estate, finances, building plans,the horsey community etc etc.  I want to recreate my existing situation there, and no, I'm not wanting to make compromises! I just need to chill out :) With that in mind, I set up some appointments for the coming weekend, and popped out for a ride yesterday afternoon.
Perfectly timed ride between the rain clouds

Midge is in crazy heat, which is a new thing for me - I've not owned her long enough to know how that affects her. I know with Ginger it's dramatic, and she gets over the top herd bound, so it was noted and on my mind. Luckily, Bridget deals with it like she deals with everything -  easily. She was a bit more up, a tiny bit not wanting to leave her friends, but other than that, she was all business and ready to go to work. I opted to hack up to the ring, wanting to give us both a job to focus on. Midge had been feeling way too good and  was quite hot and spooky on my previous trail ride and my current levels of distraction are noted above :) Circles, spirals, and transitions are friends to both of us.
Neither one of us should be drinking coffee!

We started out pretty tense and disorganized. Something felt off with my stirrups or leathers and I just couldn't get them comfortable on my ankle. I also need to buy some pony sized reins. My current ones can hang too long and get pinched under the saddle flap. It's super annoying. I ended up knotting my reins and crossing my stirrups. The no stirrups thing was a blessing in disguise because it forced me to think a little more about keeping my leg under me. I'm pretty short and very strong, so I can still post and two point (and unfortunately, perch!) just fine without stirrups. So removing them won't solve my bad habits, but it does get me thinking about sitting deeper and stretching my legs down and my shoulders up. I'm going to continue with it, I think.

Midge was a star. We had a quick discussion about moving off my leg and moving her left shoulder immediately when I ask, and after that she was tuned in and ready to go. She felt soft and lovely in the trot, although crooked at times. We're starting to rely less on the inside rein for turns and more on the outside like a grownup pony, so she needs a little extra help and gets a bit crooked thinking I want her shoulder out if I overdo it. We have a lesson on Saturday, so hopefully S can help me there. We moved up to canter and I was so pleased to see Midge can now canter multiple 20m circles in each direction without falling apart. She's finding it a little easier to adjust herself, and although it's mot pretty yet. she's working hard and I think it will come. We still have our canter poles set up, one on each side, and I think I'll leave them there - they're definitely helping her get a better idea of where her feet are at.

So green and beautiful out there!
It was a super warm and muggy day so we were both pretty worn out and enjoyed a nice relaxed hack home. Another afternoon well spent :)

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  1. definitely a lot on your mind! glad Bridget was a good girl for the ride tho - sounds like the perfect outing :)

    also - i have a pony sized pair of black rubber reins. they came with a horseware ireland bridle but i can't promise that they're the same brand. lmk if they sound like anything you'd be interested in - fraidycat.eventing{at}