Saturday 30 May 2015

Minor Happenings

Some minor wins this week, guys.

- First week at the new job in the books. So far, I really, really like it there...great office, great people, and best of all, we are part of the IT department rather than the planning or engineering I normally get assigned to, so we get a decent budget for all the best gear and coworkers who actually understand why we want/need that gear.

-The area is amazing. I guess I've been guilty of always driving through in a rush on my way to somewhere else...little did I know there's all kinds of gorgeous parks and beaches off the highway. There are also a ton of multimillion dollar homes, but they're nicely balanced with just as many cute arty/hobby farm kinds of places. A little vacation cottage from the 50's with no running water or power might sit right next door to an estate right out of Architectural Digest, which might sit next to someone's art studio and organic garden. Rather than being at odds with one another it actually somehow works and I'm a little in love with the feel of it and feel like I can't settle in and get G and the ponies there fast enough!
Not my photo, from here. Shows why horse boarding is slightly difficult to find in some areas...not a ton of flat pasture land  here, luckily it widens and flattens out towards the south/Vancouver and there are some small farms there.

-I went and looked at some boarding, and I'm pleased to say it will do for now. There is a sand ring on site, paddocks with run ins and a fair amount of pasture. Trails just down the road too. It's not fancy, but it is safe and quiet and the horses there all look fabulous. It's also so cheap I'm not sure how they make any money. Downside is it's a bit of a drive for me and I'm not sure if coaches come there regularly, sounds like it's more of a 'whenever everyone can get together and arrange it' kind of thing.

-But, I did get a call back from the trainer I was hoping to ride with. We're playing telephone tag but her email said she has some options for me as well. Fingers crossed hard, but I still feel better knowing I have the first place as a back up plan too.

-My first trip home this weekend was no big deal at all...about an hour drive from work, then a 50 min ferry ride, then a 20min drive home...obviously not do-able daily, but no big thing to do on a weekend. It's so nice I can pop home after work on a Friday and be home in time for a late dinner with G (or a ride on the ponies)!
Front row on the ferry.

-Annnd...lesson day tomorrow, followed by a quick hack with the barn owner and her horse. I can barely wait!
Because it wouldn't be a proper post without a picture of Bridget


  1. Very exciting! Glad the new job is going well. :-)

  2. So glad the new job is going well.

    You aren't up in Nanaimo now, are you?

  3. that picture from the ferry ride looks amazing - what a gorgeous area! very exciting that everything is looking very promising so far :D

    1. I absolutely loved the prairies, but I have to admit I missed the mountains and ocean without really realizing it until I came back. Now I'm taking pictures like a tourist all over again :)

  4. Such pretty landscape! It sounds like things are coming together and going well -- I'm so happy for you!!