Monday 25 May 2015

Camping Out

Just a quick post to apologize in advance for radio silence this week. Our laptop finally died and didn't make the move with me and cell service at my new weekday residence isn't the best. I hope to have better access to the outside world and a new computer next week. Oh, and maybe some furniture and stuff. The title of this post isn't really too much of an exaggeration ;)

In the meantime, I'm STILL attempting to get a reply from someone (anyone?) regarding lessons and boarding in this part of the world. So far the horsey community is suspiciously silent and my emails and calls aren't being returned. Let's hope they are just super busy rather than not welcoming.  I've resorted to offering barn owner references for myself and pony, along with promises we are normal and easy to get along with, but maybe that comes across as weird and so my message gets deleted. I don't know.

We had a really nice ride on Sunday before I hopped on the ferry. A friend who  had a bad fall this winter is just getting back in the saddle and of course Bridget is the ideal pony to escort nervous horses and riders out and about. I didn't really school anything, we just had a nice walking hack on the buckle with some little trots to get the other pony used to being a trail pony again.  Bridget deserved a relaxed outing after working so hard in our lesson, so I'm glad I found the time to get out once more.  I'm so grateful Bridget is happy both to lead and follow, it's such a nice thing to have when so many of my friends horses get worked up about one or the other! Also, she's more tuned to her riders energy than what the horses around her are doing. If only she was slightly bigger, she'd be worth her weight in gold as a pony horse! As it is, biased me thinks she's pretty special and slightly more than 24hrs after seeing the girls I'm already counting the days until I get home and tack up for our weekend lesson!

Our mid month June cowboy clinic is going to be a no go, I think. Much as I love him I can't justify the dollars and time to get there when I find S's lessons just as helpful. My decision was made slightly easier by the fact they are just doing a one day clinic this time - I know it's silly but I go just as much for the social aspect and Saturday night dinner as the lessons themselves. A one day clinic means I just pay big $ for a 1.5 hour lesson with no opportunity to pick anyone's brain after. 

So far, my summer plans aren't coming to much, fingers crossed things pick up soon. I worked both my and Bridget's butts off this winter and spring to be ready for a show season, and while motivation and hard work is never a bad thing, I admit to being pretty disappointed that the opportunities I was expecting aren't making themselves easily available. Even my after work walk today in my (rural) neighbourhood was slightly depressing horse wise. Miles of gorgeous trails, all with very prominent "no horses" signs at every intersection. Not sure I can live here lol.

I do have one barn to go look at, so all is not lost. Even though it was on my original 'no' list due to the location being too far, I'm going to go meet with them since they are the only ones to return my call and therefore I like them already  :) 


  1. my fingers are seriously crossed that you find something plausible soon! and all hope is not lost for a summer of fantastic adventures - it's not even june yet ;)

    1. You're right, it's too early to panic :) And, thank you!

  2. I have serious pet peeves with coaches. 80% of the coaches I have contacted to arrange lessons with have either never returned my calls/emails or flaked right before our first scheduled lesson and never got back to me. OR the coaches who do get back to me seriously.... uhh for lack of a nicer word, suck!
    Hmmm... I think you may have just inspired a future post for my blog, I thank you in advance! lol.

    1. It's so silly - the ones I've contacted have come recommended, I know they are taking clients, etc etc but if they don't return my calls how are we supposed to organize anything. I may have to use a friend as an "in" which makes me think a lot less of the community here :(