Thursday 23 October 2014

Weekend Happenings

I'm heading out with friends this weekend to a horsey expo in the big city. Looking forward to seeing Mr George H Morris one more time so I can get all kick started on the road to perfection (ha ha). Since it's a girls only weekend, I have the extra benefit of G (who finds GM hilarious) not being there to pick up new tips from the master himself. G has a great memory and 5 years later still randomly does his GM impersonation without any warning, shouting insults and 'advice' while I ride. If only we could train him to give me all that saved up advice in the appropriate context!

Anyways, here are some happy pictures from last night to tide you over until Monday:

How Ginny and Bridget are planning to spend their weekend
Midge conquered this yesterday, trotting over it like no big deal. Her first one so I had to be all proud parent and take a picture. She's a total pro at this blogging thing and stands and poses for pics so you can see her awesomeness first hand. It's kind of freaky how proud of herself she looks, actually.
Ginny also loves posing for pics. I didn't want to leave her without any exercise for 4 whole days, but when I returned for her she was happily napping in the sun, and also proudly modelling the local dirt and vegetation.  I'm a big softie so of course I let her stay home and enjoy the brief bit of sunshine instead of pony boot camp. 

Happy herd of bays.

Hope you all get out for some quality time with your horses this weekend!



  1. enjoy your weekend! and congrats to Midge on conquering the new jump :)

  2. Midge is so cute! Have fun seeing GM, it's on my bucket list to see him. Probably wouldn't ride with him though, I'm too wimpy :)