Thursday 30 October 2014

Pardon the Interruption, More Fave References

The doctor has informed me I have pneumonia. And it's contagious. Ewwww. Apparently the recommended treatment includes lots of sleep and heavy duty antibiotics, and no big adventures with horses (or even outside the house). Since I promised to behave so I can stay at home rather than in the hospital, the ponies are going to have a little time out for a few days. I'm feeling super frustrated about the situation. This is going to be a huge exercise in patience for me!

I am going to use this chance to catch up on all the training books and videos I keep meaning to look at. And I'll read the horsey blogs all day, of course. If anyone wants to suggest a great video, book, blog, anything, please do so in the comments. I'd love to check them out and I'll put them all into a post in a few days for future reference!

To get us started off, besides all the great blogs listed on the right of this page, here's a few more of my favorite references :

-Horse Hero
UK based video site with hundreds of different training videos. There's a minimal subscription fee and maybe 10 or so new videos a month, so I tend to subscribe for a month or two every three of four months and binge watch them all. Lots of big names and 15-30min videos, so a really great resource. Also, it's British, so even if they were talking about mundane subjects, they'd sound super educated and sophisticated and you'd feel smarter for listening ;)

The forums quite frankly scare me, but I can still get lost reading for hours. The articles are usually good and well written.

-USEF Network
I find this one to be a little finicky with our internet connection, but when I do get things to play, it's amazing! Tons of live feeds, and lots of videos on demand as well. I watched a lot of the Devon horse show, and keep going back to re watch my favorite Rolex rides. I love the George Morris clinics when they're available. And it's free!

Happy riding, everyone!


  1. Boo, poor you. I hope you feel better asap!
    Shall pop on my thinking cap for book etc recommendations

  2. yikes - hope you feel better soon! (tho i gotta admit - i'm a little impressed that you're having to exercise patience while recuperating rather than, ya know, lying around feeling like death, like most ppl with pneumonia! that's tough stuff!)

    1. I get all impatient and fidgety, and then immediately feel like death if I move. But I like to imagine I'm pretty tough and just about to go see the horses or something while I lay around watching TV ha ha

  3. USEF Network is my fave! So many pretty, pretty ponies <3

    1. I know! I get a bit of the 'I wants' checking out all the pretty clothes and tack!

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon!! I also am a big USEF fan :)