Friday 3 October 2014

Good Little Pony/ Two Pointober

Bridget and I continue to play with installing some basic flatwork. Today was a bit of a step back, with her feeling a bit 'stuck' again, but such is life with baby ponies - also, probably means she'll be just wonderful on the weekend :)

G did come out this morning to take a few photos.
A bit of this...

And a bit more of that!

The vet is coming just as soon as we can fill his day and I'll get her teeth looked at - she's not nearly as fussy as she was, but I still suspect she needs a bit of work done.

We managed to canter a few strides, and then an entire long side, which is cause for much celebration. It's baby stuff, she needs to figure out her balance with me up there, and she's also just the type who would rather trot super fast than canter, even out in the field with her buddies. I try to set her up in the corner to help her with her leads, but if she ends up wrong, I just ignore it and keep her moving forward a few strides. Her trot is crazy big and bouncy for such a little thing, so the day we build a bit of a canter will be quite welcome to me! 

Leaning forward is not helping
 Crazy trot:

I sucked it up and did my base time for Two Pointober. I lasted 4:03, which leaves a lot of room for improvement!


  1. Ah, look at that Cob trot. Can't wait to see her develop. Roscoe is pretty bouncy too.

    1.'s definitely a cob trot! Loving watching yours come along as well!

  2. Sydney is the same way, even when she is heading back out to her buddies in the field she much rather trot fast than break into a canter. Under saddle I find it frustrating as she reaches a point where I just can't sit her trot any more when I am asking her to canter. One of these days we will hopefully get it!

    1. I've been thanking my lucky stars I was the kid without a saddle for years and years - even so, it's a wee bit bouncy on these cobs when they really get going! I'd normally rather not run mine into a canter, but with Bridget I think it's where we need to start.

      Keep at it with Sydney, you'll get there!

  3. She's cuuuuute! Good for you to just keep her going and not worry about the leads. Pick your battles :) Riding in a round pen works too if you have one. It definitely helps.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement :) I so wish we had a round pen, I've had success with it in the past for these types of things. The ring we're using right now is a small dressage arena and I'm wishing we at least had a longer stretch before the corner!